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Why You Shouldn’t Hate the $100 Cocktail

Tom Brown makes the case at Left Door

Quarter+Glory Cocktail Bar Now Open at 14th and U Streets NW

There's a new destination on 14th Street for the $14 cocktail.

Twisted Horn Opens in Petworth Today With Savory and Vermouth-Heavy Cocktails

From the owner of Hank's Oyster Bar

The Bar Will Have a Starring Role at Atlantic Plumbing Cinema

The Shaw movie theater wants to make its 40-seat bar a destination in and of itself.

Underserved: The Maverick & Gueze at Jack Rose Dining Saloon

The Maverick & Gueze asks Jack Rose Dining Saloon patrons to avert their eyes from the restaurant’s library of whiskey and try a gin-based beer-tail instead.

D.C. Distilleries Can Now Serve Cocktails, But They Can’t Operate Full Bars

The local laws governing distilleries have come a long way since 2012.

Are You Gonna Drink That? Dram & Grain’s Turkey-Infused Whiskey Cocktail

Bartender Lukas Smith says his goal was to impart the drink with “a ramen-esque, bone stock quality.”

Underserved: Bar Charley’s On a Bearskin Rug

Bar Charley is trying to make embarrassing cocktails from the ’90s cool again with its refined take on a chocolate martini.

Underserved: Catching Flies at Daikaya Izakaya

Remember when your mom said “you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar?"

Bar Dupont Experiments With Sous Vide Cocktails

An all sous vide cocktail menu is coming this spring.