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Y&H Takes CNN on a Tour Through Curbside Cookoff

CNN asked Y&H last week to give them a quick overview of D.C.'s ever-expanding, ever-improving food truck scene during the inaugural Curbside Cookoff. Little did any of us realize how difficult that would be. Hundreds upon hundreds of Washingtonians had a similar idea; most of the afternoon was spent waiting in line — unless, of […]

What the Critics Are Saying About ‘Top Chef’ D.C.

Was Tamesha played by Angelo? I'm sorry, but I had to take a break from Top Chef D.C. for awhile. I can only take so much "reality" TV beofre my head feels like it's shrinking to the size of a jelly bean, ready to be eaten by the first self-starving former runway model hosting one […]

Pakistan’s Only Brewery

The British empire had its ups and downs. But one thing the Brits did extremely well was bring beer to unlikely places. Call it the kinder, gentler face of imperialism. One remnant of the old empire is the Murre Brewery in Pakistan, first built to supply British troops in the 19th century. In a country […]

Young & Hungry Appears on CNN!

Well, sort of. At about the 1:56 mark in this segment on restaurant critics and anonymity, CNN captures a screen shot of your beloved Young & Hungry blog. I'm still trying to figure out whether CNN used Young & Hungry because we are a marvel of search-engine optimization or because they were trying to suggest […]

Attention Girl Scout Cookie Office Pushers: Let Your Daughters Do the Work

We've all been approached by them: The helpful mother or doting dad who deals Girl Scout cookies in the office. And we've all been the happy recipients of those colorful boxes of Thin Mints or Tagalongs or Do-si-dos. (Three boxes of Thin Mints, please!) Well, hate to tell you, but it seems we've all been […]

Breaking News: CDC Investigating Salmonella Outbreak in 42 States

CNN is reporting that the "Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is working with public health officials in 42 states to determine the cause of an outbreak of a particular type of salmonella called Typhimurium." At least 388 people have been infected and 69 hospitalized since the outbreak in early September. Reports CNN: