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Cicadas Brought in From New Jersey for D.C. Insect Tasting

There was one problem with the Dutch Embassy's cicada tasting, held yesterday in honor of the District's cicada swarm: D.C.'s cicadas never really appeared. So instead, the embassy brought them in from New Jersey. The Brood II cicadas were sourced by University of Maryland entomology professor Michael Raupp. "By the time this event took place, the cicadas in Maryland […]

Brood and Drink: Cicada Recipe Suggestions

In the coming weeks, Cicada Brood II will invade the D.C. area. Instead of whipping out the bug spray, reach for a frying pan. Cicadas are edible, and possibly even delicious. (Plus, the sizzle of hot oil is far more appealing than the deafening rattle of cicadas’ mating calls.) Nymph cicadas have a chewy texture, […]