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Mad for Chicken? Just Wait a While.

That fried chicken at Posh Restaurant and Supper Club that everyone was crazy about? It turns out not to be a Posh original, which is actually a happy turn of events for those wanting to taste the Korean fried chicken again now that the restaurant has closed. Derek Newton, a consultant for Posh's parent RLJ Companies in Bethesda, says he owns the local […]

Posh Abruptly Closes. Where Will Folks Turn for ‘Mad for Chicken’?

Posh Restaurant and Supper Club's abrupt closing today left a number of fans scrambling for their fix of chef Christopher Willis' righteous wings and drumsticks, a collection of spicy and/or soy-slathered bird parts known as Mad for Chicken. Since the restaurant hasn't been forthcoming with details yet, Y&H contacted Willis for his take on several […]