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South Park Sinks Its Teeth into Food TV Culture

Creme Fraiche Tags: SOUTH PARKRandy Marsh,Sharon Marsh,more... Anthony Bourdain may have been among the first to skewer the vapidity of celebrity chef TV culture, but South Park has taken it to a whole new level with its recent "Creme Fraiche" episode. The animators eviscerated the Food Network and its many imitators, leaving no sacred cow […]

Which Sources Do Readers Trust for Restaurant Commentary? The Ts Have It.

OK, if Zagat's time is over, as Y&H argues in tomorrow's cover story, where do you turn for reliable commentary and ratings on restaurants? Yelp? Chowhound? Urban Spoon? DonRockwell? Or some other outlet? I don't think we've reached any sort of consensus yet, but the early response to my question this week is leaning hard […]

Which Sources Do You Trust for Restaurant Commentary?

Last week, Y&H went on a rampage about noise in restaurants, which in turn stirred up a hornet's nest of vitriol toward earsplitting eateries among readers and even from a forthright general manager. But this week, I want to talk about a different kind of noise: the din of public opinion littering the Web, whether […]

Once and For All, Makoto Does Not Specialize in Kaiseki Cuisine

This is embarrassing — for Y&H and for many other sources that have consistently equated the dishes served at Makoto to the more formal kaiseki dining found in Japan. I spoke with Michiko Lecuyer, a manager at Makoto, who assured me that the tiny Palisades restaurant does not specialize in kaiseki. Rather, Lecuyer says after […]

Zagat Continues to Fight for Its Life with nru

You have to give Zagat a ton of credit. According to an article yesterday in the New York Post, Zagat guide sales are down dramatically, the company has laid off staff, and it is way behind online competitors such as Chowhound and Yelp in readership and relevance. What's a moribund print-bound company to do? Well, […]