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Y&H enjoys James Norton's clever, bone-dry work, and, no, it's not just a mutual admiration society thing.

The Lee Bros. Offer a Glimpse into the Perfect Fried Chicken

If you haven't noticed, Y&H has been obsessed with fried chicken lately, Maryland and otherwise. I think it's because fried chicken is the one dish that, above all others,  can inspire fear, loathing, and adoration. In the wrong hands, it can be a tasteless hunk of bird meat, simultaneously oily and dry. But when handled by a […]

You Say You Want to Raise Chickens? Do You Know the First Thing About It?

Councilmember Tommy Wells' proposal to allow D.C. residents to raise chickens ran a-fowl with some residents. This morning, Y&H talked to Wells' chief of staff, Charles Allen, who said the Health Department is now reviewing the idea and may simply rewrite the rules to allow urban chickens. Wells' plan, in other words, could be hatched without […]

Super Bowl Party Tips from

I just realized this morning that is the digital generation's Heloise, serving up all kinds of weird and wonderful advice on the gastronomic front. (And if you think Heloise wasn't cool, I highly encourage you to read Ian Frazier's brilliant piece on the advice columnist, "Nobody Better, Better Than Nobody." Then check out this easy, […]’s Supertaster on Sam Adams’ Utopia Beer

Y&H loves's supertaster James Norton, a foodie who knows how to straddle that fine line between pretentiousness and passion. He's like the Comic Book Guy without the superciliousness. Y&H has already featured videos with Norton sampling commercial ice cream toppings and baby food. This time the  supertaster takes on the world's most expensive beer, Samuel Adams' […]

How to Brine a Turkey

Y&H salutes for this smart, straight-forward video on how to brine your turkey. Brining, of course, is a terrific way to avoid dry, tasteless, and under-seasoned birds that require a gallon of gravy to make them palatable. But as chef Michael Chiarello from Bottega in Yountville, Calif., points out, brining is no insurance against inferior turkey. Plenty of things can […]

Chow’s Supertaster Takes on Commercial Ice Cream Toppings "supertaster" James Norton takes up the challenge of trying to describe four different commercial ice cream toppings. Two of them he actually likes, but his description of the Smucker's Magic Shell "limited edition" cherry topping is priceless. It tastes, Norton says, like someone "melted a piece of watermelon Hubba Bubba onto my ice cream."

How to Remove Pomegranate Seeds

There are few pleasures greater than eating pomegranate seeds fresh from the pod, and I'd say that even if the fruit weren't a favorite of my wife, Carrie, whom, incidentally, I married three years ago today after gobbling down many pomegranates together. Pomegranates are a symbol of fertility, you know. Pomegranates are also a bitch […]

What Makes a Perfect Beer?

Chow has deemed Russian River Supplication the perfect beer, a sour brown ale with sour cherries and three strains of wild yeast (including that Brettanomyces you may have heard of)...and oak-aged in Pinot Noir barrels. As part of their "The Perfect" series, which also crowns hamburgers, martinis, olive oil, and a host of other foods, […]

How to Slice an Onion Without Crying

You might not believe this, but I love chopping onions. I like the precision of it. I like the tactile nature and the very physicality of it. I learned the proper technique from Susan Watterson, who's now at CulinAerie. What I don't love is the painful sulfur burn of chopping onions. I seem particularly sensitive […]