Posts Tagged ‘’’s New ‘Cooks from Books’ Series has just launched its "Cooks from Books" series, in which senior food editor Jill Santopietro tests a recipe from a recently published cookbook, trying to determine if the authors articulated all the important steps in putting together the dish. It's a great idea for a video series. Santopietro starts out simple, with a strip […]

Chow Supertaster James Norton Goes to IHOP

And he samples the chain's version of the KFC Double Down: a stack of cheesecake filled pancakes. Norton's take is delightfully dry and droll, particularly this observation about the pancakes covered in "apples": "That can only loosely be described as an apple. That's corn syrup on something gelatinous." Video courtesy of

Chow’s Supertaster Samples Food on a Stick at the State Fair

One of the best palates in the business, James Norton, hits the Minnesota State Fair. Fried goodness ensues.

I Want a Canelé Right Now!

Specifically, I want one like they make at Boulettes Larder in San Francisco. But where is the closest equivalent in D.C.?  I have to admit, I haven't seen a canelé around these parts. Help me out here, Y&H Nation. Video courtesy of

Got Leftover Easter Eggs? Has Tips.

Y&H's favorite food site has a number of recipes to help you consume those boiled, rainbow-colored orbs before they go bad. The site also has this handy video, featuring former Top Chef-fer Jamie Lauren, on how to make rich, velvety deviled eggs, should you have a few left in the fridge that still haven't touched […]

The Day in Food-Related April Fool’s Jokes

Falafel shots and hot dog air coming soon to a mobile vendor near you! For Y&H, there's usually a pattern to my April Fool's Day, and it goes like this:  I login to the computer, call up Google to conduct a search, and sit there slack-jawed for a minute while reading about the Google Gulp […]

Have Restaurant Menus Become Boring?

The librarian at the New York Public Library thinks so — and she has the evidence to prove it in this delightful video.