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Chow Supertaster James Norton Takes on Kiddie Kefir

The venerable James Norton has placed his pampered palate in harm's way many times before, but for this taste test, he takes one for Team Mommy and Daddy. He samples Lifeway's ProBugs Organic Whole Milk Kefir for kids. The first squirt is the deepest, James. (See the 1 minute, 15 second mark for reference.) Video […]

How to Truss Your Turkey Without Kitchen Twine

Chalk up another one for the Chow Tips series. I can't tell you how many times I've forgotten to buy kitchen twine! Video courtesy of

How to Dry Salad Leaves Without a Spinner

Y&H has never seen this technique before, but will soon test it out during the upcoming holiday cooking season. Video by

Chow Columnist Offers Tips on How to Pair Wine with Halloween Candy

Y&H had his doubts about this, but Chow's wine and spirits guy, Jordan Mackay, alleviated them quickly. He admits to as many misses as hits in this funny little vid. Video courtesy of

Y&H’s All-Inclusive, Semi-Scary Halloween Eat and Drink Roundup

If you ask me what I remember from the Halloweens of my youth, it's always the candy. Not the costume, but the candy. In fact, as I'm writing this, I can't think of a single costume I wore as a kid, save for that ridiculous one-piece clown outfit that my grandmother had sewn for the […]

Trevor Corson on How to Properly Eat Sushi

A couple of years ago, Y&H had the pleasure of sitting down over sushi with Trevor Corson, author of The Story of Sushi. He taught me all about the fine art of nikiri sauces. In this short vid, he'll teach you how not to look like a tourist when visiting a sushi house. Take a […]

The Art of the Tortilla

In this Chow video, John Rivera Sedlar, the chef who pioneered Southwestern cuisine, shows us what we're missing in D.C.: real honest-to-God freshly made tortillas. Try watching this without drooling — or going back to the bagged tortillas that dominate our taco market. Video courtesy of

Molly Ringwald’s Go-To Dish: Roast Chicken

Molly Ringwald can make her roast chicken for me any day, and I don't mean that in a freakish, sort of stalker-ish way. The dish just looks delicious. This vid is part of Chow's new My Go-To Series. Check it out.

Chow’s Supertaster Takes on Taco Bell’s Street-Food Inspired Tacos

Leave it to Chow's enterprising James Norton, he of the supertaster disposition, to tackle the latest fast-food controversy: Taco Bell's roll out this month of its Cantina Tacos line, which is the national chain's attempt to keep it real, man. The mega-food-service tacos are allegedly based on genuine Latin street food. The media backlash has […] on How to Properly Taste Spirits

The key is not to treat your spirit like wine. So says Matt Duggan over at