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VIDEO: How Undone Chocolate Makes Its Bars

Behind the scenes with a real life Willy Wonka.

Meet D.C.’s First Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Makers

Undone Chocolate is now producing chocolate bars out of Union Kitchen. Another chocolate maker, Concept C, will open later this year.

Over-the-Top Chocolate Bar Max Brenner Opens Today in Bethesda

List the most indulgent, over-the-top, toothache-inducing chocolate desserts you can think of. Then multiply that by two, and you’ll have something approximating the menu at the new Max Brenner chocolate bar in Bethesda, which opens today after more than a month of delays. That menu features items like “urban smores” and popsicle fondue, both of […]

Sweet Melodies: A Chocolate and Song Pairing at ACKC

This could be a first: gourmet chocolates paired with show tunes. Tonight at ACKC, cabaret singer Special Agent Galactica will perform selected songs paired with sweets from the confection shop. Chew on caramel coffee truffles to the tune of "Taylor the Latte Boy," among other pairings, at 7:30 p.m. at the chocolate shop, 1529 14th St. […]