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The Right Way to Eat Ramen, According to ‘Tampopo’

In doing research yesterday on my next Young & Hungry column, this one on ramen, two people asked if I had ever seen Tampopo. I had to confess that I had not. Until last night, that is, when I sat transfixed for nearly two hours by writer-director Juzo Itami's free-association comedy about one noodle-maker's search for the […]

How to Make Yakibuta Ramen Soup

Y&H has been enjoying bowls of Japanese ramen soup lately, in an effort to better understand this quintessential five-for-$1 college dorm-room staple. There is a surprising amount of  work that goes into a genuine bowl of Japanese ramen, even when the noodles aren't homemade. Don't believe me? Just check out this vid on how to make […]

Hollywood East Tentatively Set to Reopen on Dec. 14

Little has gone the way Janet Yu expected in trying to reopen her Hollywood East dim-sum parlor in the Westfield Shopping Center in Wheaton. The owner quickly discovered that the new space, a former restaurant in the mall, was not suited to her needs, at least not as currently equipped. The duct work needed to […]

How to Make a Better Hoisin Sauce

See all Grocery reviewsat Expotv I always rotate my morning coffee spots. Yesterday, it was the Modern Times Coffeehouse, which I love visiting because I can first scan the bargain cookbook section at Politics & Prose before grabbing my coffee for the day. In my browsing yesterday, I found a  $6 copy of Chinese Cuisine by Susanna Foo, […]

The Pork Rib and Rice Casserole at New Kam Fong

The pork rib and rice casserole at New Kam Fong The man at our table is giving us a crash course on the casserole dishes at New Kam Fong, the new Chinese restaurant at 2400 University Blvd. in Wheaton. I'm not sure if the man is the manager or the owner, and frankly, I don't […]

Should Ma Po Tofu Include Ground Beef or Pork?

The other day when I was dining at the new Sichuan Pavilion in Rockville, I noticed that the restaurant's ma po tofu came with ground beef. Until that moment, I had only seen the dish offered with ground pork. I asked the waitress whether beef or pork was the more traditional protein in ma po tofu. […]

Hollywood East Cafe OUT Of the Boulevard. New Mall Location Coming.

The dim sum desserts carrots at Hollywood, during happier times. Spend a few minutes with Janet Yu, owner of the beloved dim-sum palace Hollywood East Cafe on the Boulevard, and she will spin you a tale sadder than anything Hank Williams ever composed. The way she tells the story about Hollywood East's ignoble exit from […]