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D.C.’s Young Chow Chen: Home of the 412-Item Mostly Chinese Menu

More national acclaim for D.C.'s food scene: the trade journal Chinese Restaurant News has named Capitol Hill's Young Chow Chen Restaurant among the country's Top 100 Asian restaurants in the overall excellence category. A press release hails the eatery's "encyclopedia-like menu" of "more than 100 menu items." That hundred-some figure, by the way, is actually […]

Last Night’s Leftovers: Year of the Dragon Edition

Happy Chinese New Year! Some tasty places to celebrate: Zentan, Toki Underground and The Source by Wolfgang Puck. [We Love DC] Hungry for Chinese peasant food the way they used to make it? You know, during the rule of Mao Zedong? There's a book for that. [NPR] Iconoclastic Alamo Drafthouse aims to open in the […]

Ma-La Mecca Great Wall Szechuan House Gets A Makeover

Great Wall Szechuan House (City Paper's pick for "Best Chinese in the District," circa 2008) is undergoing some much needed interior renovations. Prince of Petworth spotted the building permit and chatted up an owner about the improvements. Back in 2006, Y&H alum Tim Carman wrote about the Great Wall's "true scorching taste of ma-la-style Szechwan […]

Here’s Why Chinatown Restaurants Are Not Worried About An NBA Lockout

The potential for an NBA lockout must have Chinatown restaurateurs fretting about tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenues...right? Eh, not really. WaPo sports blogger Dan Steinberg directs us to this WUSA-TV segment in which the operators of some neighborhood bars and restaurants point out that, well, the Washington Wizards really aren't that big […]

Can You Guess The Chinatown D.C. Restaurant In This Bizarre Cat Fight Video?

Here's a strange new YouTube video that comes up when searching D.C. restaurants. Am I wrong? Or is this bawdy brouhaha happening inside the New Big Wong on H Street NW? Other guesses? Video courtesy of YouTube

Ass To Mouth: Art Smith Likes It, But Would You Eat Donkey?

Art Smith, owner of Capitol Hill's Art and Soul restaurant and former personal chef to celebrity talk show host Oprah Winfrey, has drawn the ire of at least one donkey lover with his comments about the surprising deliciousness of the four-legged mammal. On page 115 of the latest issue of National Geographic Traveler in the […]

Wing Man: Scott Drewno Stirs Up Szechwan Bar Food at The Source

Even if Bar Louie’s Szechwan wings weren’t at all spicy, they did ignite a fire of sorts. They’ve left me obsessed with Asian-style wings. I thought I could convince Great Wall-Szechuan House to whip me up a batch despite not having wings on the menu. Their ma po tofu had the exact flavor profile I […]

Young & Hungry Dining Guide by the Day: Hollywood East Cafe

Janet Yu from Hollywood East Hollywood East’s forced relocation wasn’t easy on anybody, neither the owners nor the many diners who had come to rely on Janet Yu’s University Boulevard outpost for their daily dose of dim sum. When the Yu family finally reopened its place in April, it was in the Westfield Shopping Center, […]

Condé Nast Traveler: Vancouver Is the Best Place on Earth for Chinese Food

Someone might want to alert the chefs in Shanghai and Hong Kong that their counterparts in Vancouver are kicking their ass. So says Condé Nast Traveler.  Y&H has never visited Vancouver and can't offer an opinion on the subject, but I wanted to throw it out to Y&H Nation: Is it true? If you're in Vancouver for […]

Where Do You Stand on China’s Dog-Eating Habits?

The Chinese government is considering a ban on dog meat in the country, which has consumed the animal for centuries without much of a moral burp. But according to this Al Jazeera report, the budding Chinese middle class has started to adopt the Western habit of pet ownership, making many queasy about skinning and butchering […]