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Anticipation on a Stick: Uyghur Kabobs Coming to Anacostia?

Neighborhood blog And Now, Anacostia reports that millionaire businesswoman Rebiya Kadeer, an activist exiled from China in 2005, has bought the neglected commercial building next to the Honfleur Gallery on Good Hope Road SE with plans to open an Uyghur restaurant showcasing the region's most famous cuisine:  kabobs.  According to sources cited on the blog, […]

In China, Don’t Judge a Beer By Its Bottle

According to US government estimates, global corporations lose something in excess of $60 billion annually to Chinese counterfeiters. DVDS, books, handbags, jewelry, shoes, . . . Name your material desire, and some firm in China will likely be standing by to supply a fake rip-off of it. Beer is no exception. China Daily reports that police recently arrested […]

Eating Rats in Togo, West Africa

This is the kind of video that makes Americans and Europeans squirm, because the only things they equate with the rat are nursery rhymes and pus. Other countries take a more utilitarian approach to varmints, notably China where in 2000 Peter Hessler wrote the definitive story on rat cuisine, which he sampled in a small […]

Why Can’t D.C. Have Street Food Like This?

I don't even know what this is exactly, but it makes my mouth water.