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Even After Two Gallons, Joey Chestnut Oddly Not Burned Out On Ben’s Chili

"Nice and spicy, thick and chunky—it was delicious....Next time I'm here, I'm definitely having it again."—Joey Chestnut, winner of the World Chili Eating Championship at Taste of D.C., after eating a record-setting two gallons of chili from Ben's Chili Bowl. Screen shot via YouTube

Two Gallons of Ben’s Chili in Six Minutes: Joey Chestnut Sets New World Record

The world's top-ranked competitive eater lived up to the hype at Taste of D.C. over the weekend. Joey Chestnut choked down two gallons of chili from Ben's Chili Bowl in six minutes to win Sunday's World Chili Eating Championship. WTOP has a photo gallery of the messy action. Tim "Eater-X" Janus and Bob "Notorious B.O.B." […]

Joey Chestnut Aims to Eat Two Gallons Of Ben’s Chili (At Least)

The field is shaping up for the World Chili Eating Championship at Taste of D.C. on Sunday. And Sonya "The Black Widow" Thomas won't be the only D.C.-area native in the contest.  Germantown's Juliet Lee is also competing, according to her local Patch: "Lee, a local hair stylist who moonlights as a competitive eater, recently […]

Melded Patties, Fatty Shakes: Some Early Intel on District Commons, Burger Tap & Shake

WaPo checks in with chef Jeff Tunks about his new side-by-side eateries, Burger Tap & Shake and District Commons, in the West End. Both venues are tentatively scheduled to open this week. Some highlights: the burger meat at BTS is "a mix of organic, wet-aged whole chuck roasts and briskets, ground in-house (a 3:1 ratio)" […]

Quick Feeding: Kliman Not Too Hot on Bethesda Eating

Todd Kliman reports in his Washingtonian chat: Carole Greenwood has apparently left Bethesda's Food Wine and Co., "the kind of place you love when you walk in, enjoy after 30 minutes, tolerate after 45, resent after an hour, and hate by the time you get the bill." It seems that Kliman doesn't think too highly […]

Food News You Can Use: Fabio Is Back!

Hey, the Redskins squeaked one out yesterday so there's no need to play Monday morning (or afternoon) quarterback. In lieu of this week's Dan Snyder sucks-a-thon, let's get straight to the food news. A bold new deli, Annie and Teddy's, is set to open on the corner of Potomac and Pennsylvania SE. (Prince of Petworth) […]

The Legend of the Texas Chili Parlor

Later today, in this week's Young & Hungry column, you can get the backstory on the old Texas Chili Parlor, an mid-20th-century restaurant that used to be located in the 1900 block of Pennsylvania Avenue NW. Two former waitresses bought the place in 1944 and, a mere two years later, couldn't stand to work under the same roof. […]

Urban Bar-B-Que Does Chili, Too

Urban Bar-B-Que's David Calkins calls his smokehouse version the Two Step Chili because the ingredients come in pairs, sort of like the Noah's Ark of stews. Two different kinds of meat (ground chuck, chopped brisket), two styles of beans (pintos, black), and two sources of heat (chipotle, jalapeno). What Urban's chili lacks in presentation — my […]

Y&H’s Sno’Overit, Here-We-Go-Again Survival Guide for the Next Storm: Cook at Home!

Last Friday, your humble Y&H servant spent some time compiling a working  list of restaurants planning to brave the winter storm that, at the time, was already dropping a serious load on us. I then promptly went home and didn't see the inside of a restaurant until....well, last night, when Carrie and I went to our local […]

Surviving Snowmageddon with Homemade Chili

After writing about chili, and tasting various versions of it, this past week, I was itchin' to make my own. And when better to tend to a large pot of chili then with 20 inches of mother nature's finest outside the door? The only problem with making chili is that you can't totally improvise the dish. You must have certain […]