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Here’s Why You Should Eat At Chick-Fil-A, Even If You’re Gay

Last week's news about D.C.'s forthcoming Chick-fil-A food truck sparked a lot of debate regarding the national fast-food chain's politics—particularly its donations to Christian groups who are openly opposed to gay rights—and maybe even a little bit about the food, too. A colleague just passed along this recent YouTube video that brings some levity (and […]

Gut Reaction: Red Palace’s ‘Burporken’ Is One Meat Over The Top

Forget the turducken, that notorious chicken stuffed inside duck stuffed inside turkey stuffed inside sportscaster John Madden, among other meat aficionados. The latest triple threat to hit the carnivore scene veers beyond mere nesting birds. I'm referring, of course, to the signature Burporken sandwich at the Red Palace. Just one of eight protein-packed options on […]

Did WaPo Salmonella Report Incite an Organic Chicken Scare at Local Farmers Markets?

The blog Greater Greater Washington is blaming a recent article in the Washington Post for scaring customers of local farmers markets about the safety of organic chickens and prompting some vendors to stop selling the poultry. The report, written by journalism students at the University of Maryland and reprinted by the Post, found pathogens on […]

Señor Chicken Opens an Outlet in Columbia Heights

The latest outlet of Señor Chicken opened about two months ago in a sterile, high-ceiling space in Columbia Heights, an environment far removed from the smoky little dens of Northern Virginia. Best I could tell, this Peruvian chicken parlor was run by a lone señor, who fetched my order of pollo a la brasa from a holding unit that (I swear!) […]

The Nando’s “Where’s My Chips?” Commercial

There seems to be a difference in the way Nando's markets itself in the states vs. Down Under, where this commercial aired. Is it because America's more uptight about sex...or we have better taste?

Joking Aside, Free Sandwiches Tomorrow at Pollo Campero

Y&H will happily play the corporate shill when it comes to free food. Hey, with this economy, I'd be remiss if I didn't tell you about an opportunity to dine for nothing. The latest to throw sweet (spicy, actually) nothings at us is Pollo Campero, the Latin American chicken chain with the mascot who's only […]