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Deep Diss: District of Pi’s Chicago Knockoff Just Isn’t Cheesy Enough

As a native Chicagoan (read: pizza snob) I'm always skeptical of anything labeled Chicago-style pizza outside of the Windy City. In my experience, out-of-town deep dish does it wrong in a variety of ways: (a) the sauce is too sweet, (b) the sauce is not on top, and (c) there's not nearly enough cheese. Maybe […]

Chicago Transplant Endorses Chicago-Style Pizza at Penn Quarter’s District of Pi

Finally! Real Chicago-style pizza in D.C. We're talking about the "true deep-dish sauce-on-top" style of pie—not the buttery, thick-crusted stuff you find at Armand's Chicago Pizzeria and Uno's Chicago Grill. That's according to Eli Lehrer, vice president of the Heartland Institute, a Chicago-based think tank. Writing in the Huffington Post, Lehrer visits the new District […]