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A New Lounge, A New Oyster, A New Era at Hank’s Oyster Bar

Chef Jamie Leeds on Tuesday unveils her new 1,800-square-foot addition to Dupont Circle mollusk mecca Hank's Oyster Bar (City Paper readers' pick for "Best Seafood 2011"). The expansion, complete with two bars and a lounge area, doubles the size of Leed's popular restaurant, adding some 68 seats inside and another 40 seats on the outdoor […]

Crab Season Peaking, Prices Soaring, Will Supplies Last?

Prices for blue crab from the Chesapeake Bay region are expected to hit $200 a bushel in anticipation of the holiday weekend. Don't worry, though, there isn't a shortage. Yet. Actually, there's more crab than usual. The Baltimore Sun reports that it's "the second highest count since the late 1990s." So, why the rising prices? […]

Bar Pilar Is Steaming Blue Crabs Through the End of August

Can't get to the Eastern Shore for blue crabs this summer? Or even to Cantler's in Annapolis? Well, how 'bout the trendy 14th Street corridor in the identity-crisis 'hood of Mid-City? Can you manage that? If so, you can sample some of those classic Maryland crustaceans. Bar Pilar has a special blue crab dinner available […]

Scientists May Have Figured Out a Way to Rebuild the Chesapeake’s Oyster Population

This Aug. 3 story from the New York Times just crossed my path. I'm hoping you haven't seen it, either. It's a hopeful tale about the Chesapeake Bay and its long-suffering native oyster population. Reporter Henry Fountain writes that large experimental reefs, designed by researchers at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science at the College […]

Adding Asian Oysters to the Chesapeake Is About Money, Not Taste

David A. Fahrenthold's story in Sunday's Washington Post depressed me. The decision whether or not to add Asian oysters to the Chesapeake Bay will soon be made by three men who seem to be weighing only two factors: how a fast-growing, disease-resistant Asian oyster could revive a dying industry vs. how a fast-growing, disease-resistant Asian […]