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Feed Dating: Local Farmers Court D.C. Chefs at Matchmaking Event

It’s hard to tell who’s a farmer and who’s a chef in the plaid-heavy crowd of 90 people gathered at Birch & Barley. Both groups have come to meet, schmooze, and ultimately see if they find the spark for a new relationship. To help sort through the mob, Pam Hess, executive director of Arcadia Center […]

Former Shaw’s Tavern Chef Lands at Big Bear Cafe

Chef John Cochran, whose brief stint at Shaw's Tavern was overshadowed by the eatery's liquor license debacle, has resurfaced in the kitchen of Big Bear Cafe in Bloomingdale. In his new gig, Cochran is helping to turn the coffeehouse into a full-service bistro with a veggie-centric menu in the evenings. A little background: Cochran, whose resume […]

God is My Sous Chef

The giant pot is screaming hot when Pete Smith grabs it and runs out the kitchen door. “Look out,” shouts the chef of Penn Quarter’s PS7’s. Smith swirls the contents—rosemary, thyme, garlic, lemongrass, star anise, and half a dozen other herbs and spices simmering in oil—as he makes a lap past the bar and around […]

Meet Eatonville’s New Executive Chef, Garret Fleming

Many of you may remember Tim Carman's Beard-nominated cover story last year that chronicled the way in which Andy Shallal selected Eatonville's first chef. If you recall, the story didn't end well. Chris Newsome, initially appointed executive chef after winning the Top Chef-style contest, was quickly replaced by runner-up Rusty Holman. Holman left Eatonville this […]

David Chang on the Qualities That Make a Great Chef

To get a sense of Chang's own qualities, read this excellent New Yorker profile. Video courtesy of Serious Eats.

Y&H’s Interview with Eric Ripert, Part I: Jean-Louis Was a Screamer

In advance of his appearance on Friday evening at the Warner Theater with Anthony Bourdain, Y&H conducted an interview with Eric Ripert, the man who has held four stars from the New York Times longer than any other chef in Manhattan. Ripert, I should add, is also classy, slyly funny, and unflappable, as you'll see […]

15 Ways That Chefs and Food Writers Are Alike

Don't ask why, but the other day, I started thinking about how chefs and food writers are alike, how our similarities may outweigh our differences. Maybe I was hoping both sides in this parasitic relationship could see each other with more clarity. Or maybe I was just looking for another blog item. Whatever, below are a few […]

Cooking With Beer

Summer is upon us, and in a few short weeks we'll be in the midst of one of the best eating and drinking opportunities of the year, Independence Day. The Fourth of July is one of those freebies that comes along every so often–Thanksgiving, Christmas, your birthday, etc.–when calories simply do not matter. So take […]

Gastrosexuals Are the New Metrosexuals

A couple of Y&H's favorite foodies, Kim O'Donnel at A Mighty Appetite and Lynne Rossetto Kasper from The Splendid Table, have been harrumphing recently about the sexist connotation of "gastrosexual," a word that practically has more definitions than "set" or "run" or "dick" (small "d" version). The definition that has these fine foodies up in […]