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College Kids Still Fascinated With Jumbo Slice

Yes, the dining options in Adams Morgan are much improved these days, what with the recent additions of Smoke & Barrel, Mellow Mushroom and Mintwood Place, among other new venues. And yet, the densely liquor-licensed neighborhood continues to garner attention for one particular form of solid sustenance, the jumbo slice. Case in point: this new […]

What To Eat Tonight: Cheap Wings At Cap Lounge, Cheap Coffee at Union Station

A lot has changed at Capitol Lounge over the years. A 2005 fire consumed much of the kitschy decor, including a vast collection of soccer scarfs and political paraphernalia adorning the walls. Well, save for the longstanding Marion Barry campaign sign in the stairwell. The menu is a lot different, too, with executive chef Teddy […]

Late Night Limoncello, Anyone? Pasta Mia Applies For Extended Hours

Inexpensive yet notoriously fussy Adams Morgan red-sauce joint Pasta Mia ("an endless magnet for new arrivals to D.C.," ranked No. 44 on City Paper's list of "D.C.'s 44 Most Powerful Restaurants") is hoping to serve its cheap house wine into the wee hours. The restaurant has applied to extend service from 10 p.m. until 12:30 […]

Stetsons’ Cold Food and Warm Beer Do Not Make for a Long-Term Relationship

I just wanted a beer and some fuel before melting into my couch for a much-needed record session. Outside it was dark and cold, and I was so worn down while sitting on a bar stool at Stetsons, I thought there was little that could disappoint me. I waited a few minutes and then flagged […]

Chef Pedro Matamoros Loves the ‘Pickleback’

File this under: There's no accounting for taste. Some view the "pickleback," a shot of Jameson chased by a shot of pickle juice, as the end of Western civilization. Or at least the end of their pickle juice supply at the bar. Respected 8407 chef/owner Pedro Matamoros views the one-two punch to the gut as […]

Young & Hungry Dining Guide Staff Picks: The Tombs

Oars! Good for more than propelling your rowboat! They also make up a goodly portion of the interior design at the Tombs, the subterreanean haunt located under the four-star 1789 restaurant in residential Georgetown. That décor, and the clientele of primarily Georgetown undergrads, has led more than one acquaintance of this former Georgetown undergrad to […]