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BGR: The Burger Joint Set to Open Third Store in Dupont Circle

Don't look now, but BGR: The Burger Joint is about to become the next hamburger chain in the metro area. Mark Bucher, founder and co-owner of BGR, told Y&H this afternoon that he has agreed in principle to open his third Burger Joint on Dupont Circle. After a long negotiation period, Bucher expects to sign […]

Florida Entrepreneurs Ditch One Local Burger Chain for Another

Y&H is feeling a little prescient right now. He just finished writing a short review on Elevation Burger in which he warned: "Don't be surprised one day to see Elevation Burgers all over the place—or McDonald's stealing the idea." The idea being, a fast-food burger joint that peddles organic beef from grass-fed, free-range cows. The […]

Detroit Free Press Critic Loves Her Some Five Guys

Last week, folks in Detroit got their first taste of Five Guys, the Lorton-based burger-and-fries chain that we love to bash around here for not being all that anymore. Maybe this says something about us, and maybe this says something about Detroit, where a greasy burger may indeed be a gourmet meal these days, but […]