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If You Ask, a Franchise May Come

Young & Hungry colleague Lydia DePillis, in this week's Housing Complex column, examines the world of franchise flirtations. As was noted earlier this week, there was a big franchising expo at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center last weekend, which if you were there, gave a taste of what's coming to D.C.—or, at least, what […]

Raising Chain: A Chipotle-Like Eatery Rethinks Greek Eats as a Nutrition-Conscious ‘Bistro’ Aims to Change Food Attitudes

In the world of fast-casual food concepts, it’s a little too easy to write off Cava Mezze Grill as a Greek version of Chipotle. In front of a sneeze guard-protected front counter, you’re ushered through a series of meat-and-topping construction stops, where you select fillers to go inside a pita instead of a tortilla (or […]

Elevation Burger Mini-Empire to Expand: Up Next, Hyattsville

Elevation Burger, the Arlington-based burger chain with locations in seven states, is preparing to open a new location on Route 1 in Hyattsville, near Jefferson Street. Per a release, "Entrepreneurs and brothers David and Christopher Wallis along with their wives have signed a seven-unit franchise agreement for the greater Washington D.C. area, the first of […]

So Why Is Sweetgreen Expanding into Philadelphia?

You might have read that Sweetgreen is headed to Philadelphia. The ever-expanding chain plans to open its first shop outside the D.C. area with a store in Ardmore, the suburban community that co-owner Nicolas Jammet describes as Philly's Bethesda. The three Georgetown grads who started Sweetgreen — Jammet, Jonathan Neman, and Nathaniel Ru — had […]

Has Nando’s Wimped Out at Its Silver Spring Location?

Based on my mouth-watering experiences at the Nando's Peri-Peri in Chinatown — and I mean that literally, since the African pepper-laced peri-peri sauce caused pools of saliva to form at the base of my tongue — I went easy on myself at the new Nando's in Silver Spring. I ordered a quarter chicken "medium," which […]

Ozersky to Five Guys Fans: You’re Mindless White Trash

File this under Fightin' Words. Burger-meister Josh Ozersky posted this on his Twitter account earlier today: Also: Five Guys is as bad a burger as there is. Their fans are basically the fast-food equivalents of Juggalos. I don't get it. For the uninitiated (like me, until five minutes ago when I Googled the term), Juggalos […]

Hollywood Vs. Chinatown: A Tale of Two Dim Sum Palaces

This week's Young & Hungry column takes a look at two very different dim sum parlors, Hollywood East Cafe in Wheaton and Ping Pong Dim Sum in Chinatown. One is a local, family-owned operation, the other an import from London. We're publishing the full version of the column in the blog, so that you can […]

My Day in Chinatown/Penn Quarter Food and Drink

The weather was so warm on Saturday, really more summer than spring, that Carrie and I decided to wander the streets of Chinatown/Penn Quarter, going from lunch to dessert to cheese to beer to wherever the spirit took us. I feel bad in retrospect. We didn't explore Chinablock, the small strip of real estate that […]

Is the New and Improved Domino’s Pizza Any Good?

You have no doubt seen the self-mocking commercials in which Domino's Pizza lays out the public's complaints against its product (cardboard crust, ketchup-like sauce, the sweet aroma of a dying company) and swears it has rectified the problem. The company even has a Web site dedicated to thumping its chest about rebuilding Domino's pizza from the crust up. I […]

Five Guys’ Supporters Rush to the Defense of the Chain Burger

It's not enough, I guess, that the Five Guys hamburger earned a spot in our inaugural D.C. Dish Hall of Fame. The burger's many fans want the respect that goes along with the honor. Everyone's respect, in fact, and either you give it or you are,  in the words of commenter The Truth, a "douche […]