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Taste Test: Cause’s “Adult Cereals” Spiked With Booze

Trix: they're no longer just for kids. Now you can get them spiked with booze at Cause philanthropub. They're one of five "adult cereals" the restaurant recently debuted for brunch. I know, it sounds disgusting. But is it really? Yesterday, I tried out the "Silly Sloe Rabbit," Trix combined with sloe gin, preserved lemon syrup, and […]

Cereal Killer

Late last year when the Cereal Bowl closed in Cleveland Park, there was a sliver of hope that the cereal-focused franchise was going to reopen on the neighborhood's Connecticut Avenue strip, just with a different owner. But that's not going to happen. Reports Cleveland Park 2.0: “The Cereal Bowl is out,” said George Pedas, a […]