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Cereal Killer

Late last year when the Cereal Bowl closed in Cleveland Park, there was a sliver of hope that the cereal-focused franchise was going to reopen on the neighborhood's Connecticut Avenue strip, just with a different owner. But that's not going to happen. Reports Cleveland Park 2.0: “The Cereal Bowl is out,” said George Pedas, a […]

Surprise! Cleveland Park’s Cereal Bowl Closes!

Young & Hungry is all grins today. Now, it's generally sad to see a business fail. But it's hard not to laugh at the news of the closure of Cleveland Park's Cereal Bowl, a cereal-focused franchise. Seriously, this place actually existed! And it registered barely a blip on D.C.'s gastronomic map. Maybe the new iteration […]

Last Week’s Greatest Hits on Young & Hungry

My first impressions of the Cereal Bowl touched a nerve with readers last week, triggering a tidal wavelet of commentary, both pro and con, toward the chain restaurant dedicated to breakfast cereal. Or whatever that thing is in Cleveland Park. The quasi-review was, far and away, the most-read item of the week. Let's go to […]

Readers Cry Over Spilled Milk at the Cereal Bowl

You've read the online rants and raves about my visit to the Cereal Bowl. Now here are a few of the e-mail comments from readers, who, by and large, don't seem to foam at the mouth as much as the anonymous online community. I'll start off with this polite note from Kenneth Rader, the president, […]

Last Week’s Greatest Hits on Young & Hungry

The top two items last week couldn't be further apart in terms of culinary aspiration, from the high-tech, high-concept imagination behind Enzo Fargione's chef's table at Teatro Goldoni to the Cereal Bowl's milky, hand-pour combo of Lucky Charms, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Fruity Pebbles, and other tooth-rotting "ingredients." It seems we 're more than a nation polarized by politics. We're […]

Cereal Bowl Set to Open March 27

I noticed the door was open at The Cereal Bowl so I wheeled into an illegal parking spot on Connecticut Avenue NW, near the Uptown, and decided to pop in. How long could it take to put together a bowl of cereal? Long enough to get a ticket? I wanted to know. Looks like I'll […]

Food News Roundup: Meat and Cereal Edition

Mmm, dinner is served. News is breaking faster than Y&H can keep up with it, which means that it's time to get all HuffPo and do a little link aggregation. Let's get right to it: WaPo's Tom Sietsema breaks the news about Michael Landrum's latest projects, Ray's the Glass, a Personal Wine Bar with Mark […]