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Daniel Boulud Looks to Ingratiate Himself in D.C. in a Way Other Celebrity Chefs Haven’t

“There’s a little part of me in D.C. every time I come," says the celebrity chef

Jacques Pépin Doesn’t Think Much Of D.C.’s Food Scene

“I appreciate the couple of times I was there. I went to local markets—Vietnamese and Thai, and they were all very good. That to me is always great, I love to go to markets.”—Celebrity chef Jacques Pépin, one of several boldface names heading to D.C.'s upcoming Metropolitan Cooking & Entertaining Show, when asked by Washingtonian […]

South Park Sinks Its Teeth into Food TV Culture

Creme Fraiche Tags: SOUTH PARKRandy Marsh,Sharon Marsh,more... Anthony Bourdain may have been among the first to skewer the vapidity of celebrity chef TV culture, but South Park has taken it to a whole new level with its recent "Creme Fraiche" episode. The animators eviscerated the Food Network and its many imitators, leaving no sacred cow […]

How to Become a Celebrity Chef

Don't skip this video. It's one of the best parodies of celebrity chef cooking shows I've seen. The Monster Munch garnish is brilliant. Video from Jezebel

Last Week’s Greatest Hits on Young & Hungry

Young & Hungry has become Spiked TV or something like that. For the second week in a row, Spike Mendelsohn has dominated the blog, both with the news of his New York-style pizzeria, due to open today, and with the old, never-say-die story about his apartment eviction on Capitol Hill. Take a look at the […]

The ‘Top Chef’ D.C. Premiere: As Fascinating As Peeling Potatoes

Well, that wasn't a promising start. After all the celebrity stalkings and quick-fire guessing games during the show's filming, Top Chef D.C. premiered last night and laid a large goose egg on the White House lawn. Sure, the decision to conduct the first quick-fire challenge atop the Newseum was a clever change of venue, a […]

Last Week’s Greatest Hits on Young & Hungry

People, what are you doing reading this? It's Memorial Day. It's gorgeous outside. Get off the computer and fire up the grill. Or take a walk. Go to the park with your kids and your dog. Eat something good. Who cares what the top five items were last week on the Young & Hungry blog? […]

Y&H’s Interview with Eric Ripert, Part II: No More Pork Belly!

In advance of his appearance on Friday evening at the Warner Theater with Anthony Bourdain, Y&H conducted an interview with Eric Ripert, the man who has held four stars from the New York Times longer than any other chef in Manhattan. Ripert, I should add, is also classy, slyly funny, and unflappable, as you’ll see […]

José Andrés Profile on ’60 Minutes’

In case you missed it, here's Anderson Cooper's profile of José Andrés from 60 Minutes.

Vox Populi: Restaurant Rater DanniZ on Oyamel

First it was a Penn Quarter chatter who wanted to know why everyone kisses José Andrés' ass. Now it's Restaurant Rater, DanniZ, who takes down the celebrity chef for charging for chips and salsa at Oyamel. (To be clear, the first round of chips and salsa is free here; after that, you pay $4 per […]