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Molly Ringwald’s Go-To Dish: Roast Chicken

Molly Ringwald can make her roast chicken for me any day, and I don't mean that in a freakish, sort of stalker-ish way. The dish just looks delicious. This vid is part of Chow's new My Go-To Series. Check it out.

Old Ebbitt Grill is a Celebrity Magnet for a Reason

Actors, politicians, athletes, musicians...they all eventually make their way to the Old Ebbitt Grill. So what's the attraction? It's not just the food, says GM Kyle Gaffney. It's the busy-ness of the place. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, the place is always hopping. "There's an energy where people's awareness is not so acute," says Gaffney. Which […]

This Week’s Greatest Hits on the Young & Hungry Blog

Thefts! Celebs! Confessions! Free food! C'mon, folks, let's not be so damn predictable in our reading material! Frankly, this week, I'm taking small pleasure in the fact that none of top items contained a question as a headline. Y&H has a bad habit of overusing the question-as-headline gimmick. Oh, the shame... Credit Card Theft a […]

U.S. News’ Bedard Lists the Top 10 Restaurants to Spot Celebs

Paul Bedard over at U.S. News & World Report runs down the 10 restaurants where you're likely to spot what passes for celebrities in this town—lobbyists and legislators, in other words.  It's a handy list, I suppose, if you actually know what Bob Goodlatte looks like and care about where he dines. Frankly, I've eaten […]

Does Moby Have the World’s Most Boring Kitchen?

I love the Chairman Mao dog toy, but really, Moby, how much tea does one man need?

Bad Celebrity Tippers: We Love to Hate ‘Em

It's nice to see the new, streamlined ABC News using its resources wisely. The news-gatherers recently put together an online slide show dedicated to lousy celebrity tippers. It carries the not-clever-enough headline: "Check please? Tip, maybe." It clicked through all 12 celebs. I feel gross.

This Week’s Greatest Hits from the Young & Hungry Blog

This is depressing. The No. 1 item for the week was last week's celebrity-sighting post from the inauguration, which I'll dismiss faster than Lindsay Lohan from her latest rehab session. So starting with the No. 2 most popular post, here's this week's Top 5: The Obamas Hire Their Own Personal Chef, After All Urban Bar-B-Que […]

This Week’s Greatest Hits from the Young & Hungry Blog

I have just one word for you: celebrities. Y'all love 'em. They dominated the top two spots this week on the Young & Hungry blog. Jessica Alba, Tom Hanks, and Others Seen Dining at D.C. Restaurants Denzel, Dustin, and Tyra: You Know You Want to Know Where They Ate Can't Get into Your Favorite Restaurant […]

Where Will Halle Berry Be Dining During the Inauguration?

I'm no Reliable Source, and the City Paper  is not exactly known for its celebrity gossip. But these are trying times, and the Young & Hungry blog could use the hits that will no doubt come his way once he types "Halle Berry" into the meta-tag field. Berry is supposed to be dining Monday night at […]

End of an Era: Gael Greene Out at New York Magazine

Citing a worsening economy that won't allow it to employ four food critics, New York magazine confirmed yesterday that it has fired the iconic Gael Greene. Today marks Greene's last official day at the magazine, ending a 40-year run as a food writer and critic for the publication. For all the good work Greene did […]