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Which Restaurants Have Raised The Most Through Crowdfunding?

When Pleasant Pops launched a Kickstarter campaign to open a cafe in the spring of 2012, crowdfunding was still a novelty for restaurant and bar owners. These days, everyone from food-truck operators to veteran restaurateurs is hitting up potential customers for money. So far, no local establishments have managed to entirely fund a new venture […]

Cause “Philanthropub” Closes in Shaw

Cause "philanthropub"—the restaurant and bar that aimed to give all its profits to charity—has closed. Co-founder Nick Vilelle explains that the restaurant wasn't making any profits, which meant no contributions to charity, and it wasn't worth keeping the place open if it couldn't achieve its mission. "It's a tough industry, and we knew that going […]

Cause Reopens Monday With Street Art and an “Experimental Cocktail Kitchen”

Cause, the Shaw "philanthropub" that plans, still, to donate all its profits to charity, will officially reopen Monday after repairs to its air-conditioning and electrical systems. But not all the changes are utilitarian. The Cause team also used the six-week shutdown to give the restaurant an entirely new look and revamped the food and drink menu. […]

Slinging Smirnoff Ice for a Cause

Giving away all its profits to charity has yet to prove a fruitful model for temporarily closed Shaw "philanthropub" Cause. (So far, there haven't been any profits.) Now, Thomas Foolery, the wacky new bar from Mr. Yogato owner/rocket scientist Steve Davis, is trying a different gimmick to raise money for nonprofits: giving away all its tips. Over the last three weeks, Thomas Foolery has […]

Cause “Philanthropub” Will Close Temporarily for Repairs

In this week's print column, Y&H took a look at how Cause "philanthropub," the Shaw bar and restaurant that's pledged to give all its money to charity, hasn't yet earned any profits to give. Then, yesterday, blog Barred in DC reported  that the restaurant is closing—but co-owner Raj Ratwani tells Y&H it's just closing temporarily for […]

What Gives? Why D.C.’s First “Philanthropub” Hasn’t Made the Profits It Hopes to Give Away

Raj Ratwani and Nick Vilelle knew from the beginning that there’d be skeptics. Not only did they have zero restaurant or bar experience when they opened their Shaw “philanthropub” Cause last October, but they also planned to do something unheard of in the hospitality industry: give away all the profits. On the surface, Cause operates like […]

Cause “Philanthropub” Lost Nearly $9,000 the First Quarter, But Still Gave to Charity

Cause, the Shaw bar and restaurant whose goal is to give all its profits to charity, initially planned to release information about its income and expenses every quarter. The unprecedented level of disclosure was meant to satisfy critics who might think the founders are taking big salaries or using charity as a gimmick. While Cause is […]

Sauce-O-Meter: How the Week’s Food Happenings Measure Up

Taste Test: Cause’s “Adult Cereals” Spiked With Booze

Trix: they're no longer just for kids. Now you can get them spiked with booze at Cause philanthropub. They're one of five "adult cereals" the restaurant recently debuted for brunch. I know, it sounds disgusting. But is it really? Yesterday, I tried out the "Silly Sloe Rabbit," Trix combined with sloe gin, preserved lemon syrup, and […]

Eat Your Heart Out

They say the stomach is the way to the heart. This Valentine’s Day, consider flipping the equation. Plenty of Peruvian restaurants serve the organ grilled and skewered, but it also shows up in everything from salads to pierogi at upscale establishments showing off their nose-to-tail cred. Here are five places where you can muster your […]