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Mexican Restaurants Won’t Let Limepocalypse Change Their Cinco de Mayo Plans

Between storms, tree disease, and citrus-stealing cartels in Mexico, limes have been in short supply this year, hiking up costs for margarita makers. But that doesn't mean D.C. Mexican restaurants and bars are going to let a little Limepocalypse sour their Cinco de Mayo deals. Richard Sandoval Restaurants Beverage Director Rob Day, who oversees the […]

Are You Gonna Eat That? Cactus Fries at Casa Oaxaca

The Dish: Nopalitos fritos Where to Get It: Casa Oaxaca, 2106 18th St. NW; (202) 387-2272; Price: $9 What It Is: Cactus paddles seasoned with Mexican oregano, then battered and fried in crunchy blue cornmeal and served with a spicy avocado-tomatillo salsa. What It Tastes Like: Think cornmeal-crusted fried okra, and you get the […]

Who Has the Best Margarita in D.C.?

Last night, Washington City Paper hosted a poolside margarita competition on the rooftop of Archstone First + M in NoMa, pitting 10 Mexican restaurants and other margarita-slinging joints against each other. Among the contenders: El Centro D.F., Fuego Cocina y Tequileria, Masa 14, Cuba Libre, Casa Oaxaca, Cuba Libre, El Chucho, Tortilla Coast, Fujimar, and El Tamarindo. The nearly 500 guests were tasked with voting for […]

Does This Cocktail Make You Horny? Casa Oaxaca’s Besamo Mucho

For Valentine's Day, Casa Oaxaca in Adams Morgan is serving a special romantic cocktail made with damiana, a Mexican flower the Mayans and Aztecs believed to be an aphrodisiac, effective for both men and women. Does it really make you horny? Y&H special cocktail correspondent Alex Baca reports from the scene: 5:05 p.m.: My date […]

Super Tacos, Pica Taco, Taqueria Juquilita: What’s D.C.’s Best Filled Tortilla?

National foodie site Serious Eats surveys some of the D.C.-area's best taco spots. Six of nine places on the list are in the suburbs. But the District proper is represented: Two Adams Morgan-area eateries, Super Tacos ("part of the drunk food culture here") and Pica Taco ("[p]erhaps the best barbacoa of the entire taco trip"), […]

Grito de Delicioso: Mexican Independence Day Means Special Menus Aplenty

Friday is Mexican Independence Day and a number of local cocinas are observing the holiday by offering special menus. At Casa Oaxaca in Adams Morgan, chef Karen Barroso has created a lineup of antojitos, or small plates, and holiday staples, including chiles en nogada, a stuffed pepper made with ingredients that resemble the colors of […]

Huitlacoche: ‘Mexican Truffle’ or ‘Excrement of the Gods’?

“What is this stuff?” my somewhat startled dining companion whispers across our table at Casa Oaxaca in Adams Morgan. I'm sure it’s a common question for those who order dishes containing huitlacoche, or corn smut, a rather questionable-looking byproduct of disease-ridden maize that's been eaten since the days of the Mayans and Aztecs. The stuff […]

How to Be a Vegetarian Who Never Eats Vegetables

Doritos. A McDonald's cheeseburger, hold the patty. Grilled cheese. Breakfast burritos. Fries. Extra fries. This was my former boss' diet. She called herself a vegetarian. I became enamored with her choices. She managed to be a vegetarian and never eat a vegetable. Well, except for the three pickles on the no-meat cheeseburger. Wait, does a […]

Critics Attacking Critics Attacking Critics. Where Will It End? Not Here.

Earlier this week, I posted an item on NBC Washington naming Lauriol Plaza as the "Best Mexican" joint in D.C., which has generated a fair number of comments, pro and con, on the Tex-Mex behemoth. But some of the better commentary has come from other sources, including my own Gmail account, where a friend back […]