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Next Season’s ‘Top Chef’ Will Feature Only Alumni, Including Three Locals

The current season of Top Chef isn't even over yet — and it can't come fast enough after last night's incredibly inane episode (NASA? Really? How, like, 1969!) — and the rumors are already flying about season eight. Both Eater and Grub Street are reporting (OK, rumor-mongering, which Y&H is happy to pass along) that […]

The Best and Worst of ‘Top Chef’ D.C., Episode 4

Cooking for babies: So Tom and Padma both have infants. Tom and Padma are both judges on Top Chef. Tom and Padma are busy, flying here and there to run restaurants or write cookbooks or get pregnant. Tom and Padma don't have time for babies. Tom and Padma don't want to be turned into Child […]

Scenes from the 2009 Capital Food Fight

The scene inside the Reagan Building Blue Ridge's Barton Seaver was gunning for the title for the third straight year at the 2009 Capital Food Fight, held last night inside the Reagan Building. His competition included not only last year's finalist, Peter Smith from PS 7's, but also two Top Chef contestants (Mike Isabella from […]

There Is Life After ‘Top Chef’ for The Cougar

At Sunday night's RAMMY awards, I had the pleasure of sitting at the same table as Carla Hall, who may be the nicest person on earth, and Ariane Duarte, who was introduced to me as yet another former Top Chef contestant making the rounds. That's when my embarrassment meter went into the red zone. I […]

Will Zaytinya’s Mike Isabella Appear on Next Season’s ‘Top Chef’?

The good folks at are all over the Top Chef beat, and the latest rumor they're circulating concerns Mike Isabella, head chef at Zaytinya in Penn Quarter. They hear Isabella's got the right stuff for the show. And what are Isabella's qualifications, according to an anonymous Eater tipster? Tats and a "faux hawk." [Insert […]

Scene 3 from the Eatonville Chef Contest: Too Fancy for His Own Good

Note: Busboys & Poets owner Andy Shallal is taking an Iron Chef approach to hiring the chef for his forthcoming Eatonville, a Southern-oriented restaurant that pays homage to Zora Neale Hurston. This is the second in a series of blog posts chronicling the competition. This series will not announce the winner; it will be revealed […]

Daily Food Blog Roundup: Top Chef Reunion Show

Yes, I watched some of the Top Chef reunion show last night, and let me say this right from the start: The main reason Fabio won fan fave is because Americans are still suckers for Italian accents. Could this show have been less about the art and craft of cooking? That Baldies-with-Photoshopped-Hair segment? Jump. The. Shark. Time. Whoa, […]

This Week’s Most-Read Blog Posts on Young & Hungry

As you may have noticed, I've changed the title of this weekly feature, which is usually published under the name of Greatest Hits. I have done so out of respect for the top item about the passing of pastry chef Jérôme Girardot. There was nothing great about his untimely death, even if, in life, Girardot […]

Andy Shallal Takes a Reality Show Approach to Hiring Eatonville Chef

Andy Shallal, the man behind the concept-bending Busboys & Poets chain, loves food shows. It's no surprise, then, that Shallal has taken a reality-show approach to hiring a chef for his forthcoming Eatonville, a southern-food restaurant located across V Street from the original Busboys & Poets location. The owner's requiring his top candidates to compete […]

Daily Food Blog Roundup: Top Chef Edition

District gastronomes can barely contain themselves about tonight's Top Chef finale. Their excitement, of course, has to do with Carla Hall, the local caterer who will compete for top honors against a couple of dome-heads: Boulder, Colo. chef Hosea Rosenberg and Finnish hell-boy Stefan Richter, a caterer based in Santa Monica, Calif. The blogs are […]