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All the Pumpkin Beer You Can Drink on Capital Spice

Everywhere I go, all people are asking me about is pumpkin beer! Well, OK, no one ever actually recognizes me, but I have a habit of bringing up beer in the first minute of any conversation. The other person usually ignores this and inexplicably keeps the conversation on some non-beer topic like telling me what […]

The Unusual Economics of Almaz’s Gondar Fine Dining Service

Mike and Elizabeth Bober, Y&H's friends over at Capital Spice, were the ones to introduce me to the Gondar Fine Dining service at Almaz, the subject of this week's column. On their blog, the husband-and-wife team have posted a bite-by-bite break down of our dinner together at Almaz, and I think, between our two pieces, you get a good […]

Two Events for D.C. Bloggers, With Beer!

Hey bloggeroos, don't forget that tomorrow is the Blogtoberfest happy hour (which admittedly sounds way more fun than "planning meeting"). Throughout the month of October we're getting local bloggers, foodie and non-, to share their beer stories on their own blogs. Cross-linking and conversation will ensue. Meet at 6:30 p.m. tomorrow at Axis Bar and […]

White House Farmers Market Draws Criticism Before Its Opening

The traffic is outrageous on Vermont Ave. during rush hour! No one needs to tell you, least of all Y&H, that in this blog-eat-blog, 24-hour news-cycle world everyone is required to have an opinion. But, really, shouldn't everyone wait until the object under criticism has actually opened? I'm speaking about the new FreshFarm Market by […]

Once and For All, Makoto Does Not Specialize in Kaiseki Cuisine

This is embarrassing — for Y&H and for many other sources that have consistently equated the dishes served at Makoto to the more formal kaiseki dining found in Japan. I spoke with Michiko Lecuyer, a manager at Makoto, who assured me that the tiny Palisades restaurant does not specialize in kaiseki. Rather, Lecuyer says after […]

Restaurant Week: Tell Us What YOU Think

D.C. Restaurant Week is in full swing, which means that you'll likely do one of the following: 1) Fight with hundreds of others for the best places to enjoy this twice-annual promotion; 2) Suffer the indignities of small portions, large upcharges, and limited menus; or 3) Ignore the whole damn ordeal and just wait out […]

All the Food News You Can Use: Playing Catchup

After all the is-he-or-isn't-he Michel Richard news, the baguette competition, and Food Day, Y&H has barely had a moment to pet his wife and kiss his dog. Or is that vice versa? Whatever, it's time to play catch up on some of the news and opinion floating out there. Prince of Petworth sort of, kind […]

How Secretive Do the Contestants on ‘Top Chef’ Have to Be?

So secretive that D.C. "cheftestant" (man, it pains me to type that word) Carla Hall couldn't tell her husband, Matthew, that he has a ticket to the biggest sports event of the year, which, ahem, takes place this weekend. The good folks over at Capital Spice attended the Top Chef watch party last night at […]

“D.C.” Restaurant Week Extends to Herndon and Frederick

Young & Hungry's ever-obsessive buds over at Capital Spice have done it again. They've invested countless hours, time that they could have used celebrating the golden anniversary of the aluminum can, creating yet another Google map for the benefit of the rest of us slugs. This one surveys the landscape of this winter's D.C. Restaurant […]

Inauguration Drinks: When 2 A.M. Is Just Too Early to Stop the Party

Young & Hungry's friends over at Capital Spice have compiled this cool, interactive, incredibly helpful Google map that lists all 213 bars/clubs/restaurants that will be offering beer, wine, and Obama-themed cocktails until 4 a.m. during Inauguration Weekend—or whatever you call that four-day drinkathon to better times. Think of this has your Blitz-keg war map.