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Pop, Pop, Fizz, Fizz, What a Dessert This Is: Pop Rocks Pound Cake at Urbana

After all the lamb sausages, duck prosciutto, stuffed dates, spaghetti, brown butter tortellini and spicy seafood stew our table of four consumed at Urbana in Dupont Circle one recent summer evening, none of us expected to have any room for dessert. Still, out of courtesy, we listened as the server rattled off the options: various […]

Chow Columnist Offers Tips on How to Pair Wine with Halloween Candy

Y&H had his doubts about this, but Chow's wine and spirits guy, Jordan Mackay, alleviated them quickly. He admits to as many misses as hits in this funny little vid. Video courtesy of

Y&H’s All-Inclusive, Semi-Scary Halloween Eat and Drink Roundup

If you ask me what I remember from the Halloweens of my youth, it's always the candy. Not the costume, but the candy. In fact, as I'm writing this, I can't think of a single costume I wore as a kid, save for that ridiculous one-piece clown outfit that my grandmother had sewn for the […]

The ‘Deviled Eggs’ at ACKC Cocoa Bar

These delicate, egg-shaped confections are Rob Kingsbury's contribution to the spring and Easter seasons at ACKC Cocoa Bar. The chocolate shells (both white and dark) contain some piped yellow frosting, which is sprinkled with red sugar crystals to resemble paprika. They're ingenious  — and, sadly, more delightful to gaze upon than eat. I found them […]

You Think WaPo Is Obsessed with Peeps?

The paper's annual Peeps contest ain't got nothing on these guys.

The ‘Original’ Velatis Quietly Creeps Back into the Metro Area

The modest storefront on Georgia Avenue, next to the historic Silver Spring Post Office, tells the newcomer next to nothing about the company's past, even with "The Original"  descriptor mysteriously affixed to its name. As if there are numerous copycat Velatis caramel shops out there. No, you have to walk inside, stare at the two large vintage […]

Betty Jane’s Peanut Brittle Has Made a Believer Out of Me

Peanut brittle and I haven't been on speaking terms since, oh, junior high when, with a full set of adult chompers, I realized that one of two things will happen when I bite into the hardened treat: I'll either crack a bicuspid (or feel like I did) or spend the rest of the afternoon prying […]

NYT: Candy Has Become Our Recessionary Pacifier

According to the New York Times, Americans seem to be coping with the economic downturn by gobbling down obscene amounts of Necco Wafers and other sugary treats. I read this piece with great interest, since my own candy intake appears to be rising. 'Course, I blamed it on blogging, which is probably worse on your […]

FDA to Require Producers to List Bugs on Food and Cosmetic Labels

You may not know it—and there's no reason you would, unless you're a chemist—but some of your food and cosmetics include dyes derived from the ground-up bugs. For centuries, Mayans and Aztecs crushed the dried-out bodies of female cochineal insects to produce a red dye used for fabrics, but more recently, the stuff has been […]