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Check Out This Year’s White House Gingerbread House

Hugs and holiday wishes to Y&H's virtual pal, Obama Foodorama (can you hug a virtual pal?), for alerting me to this year's White House gingerbread house. It is a thing of beauty. ObFo's Eddie Gehman Kohan notes that White House executive pastry chef Bill Yosses has put together the largest gingerbread house in Oval Office […]

Homemade Twinkies at Wagshal’s Deli

When a friend told me that Wagshal's Delicatessen was selling its own version of America's iconic junk food, the Twinkie, I got all excited. Perhaps now, I thought, we could eat a cream-filled cake that wouldn't require an entire book to catalog (and rationalize) its ingredients. Maybe we'd even get a cream-filled snack stuffed with, […]

Woodmoor Pastry Shop Sells One Crazy Cool Coffee Cake

This morning, I found myself doing what I often do: wandering the streets. It's an occupational hazard, which can lead to some foul-tasting encounters. But today I ran across a place that I had somehow missed for years — the Woodmoor Pastry Shop, which has only been around Silver Spring for, oh, 50 years. The […]