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Are You Gonna Eat That? Sona Creamery’s Pop Rocks Butter

The popping sensation cuts through the butter in the same way a Champagne and triple cream cheese pairing might work, cheesemonger Lisa Hviding says.

Don’t Blame Paula Deen! José Andrés Weighs In On America’s Obesity Problem

D.C.'s most outspoken chef, José Andrés, took to the airwaves this morning to address the shit-storm surrounding the so-called "Butter Queen," Paula Deen, and all her profiteering from fatty food recipes while simultaneously concealing her own health problems. Appearing on CBS This Morning, Andrés said he expected more of a mea culpa from Deen but […]

Molecular Gastronomer R.J. Cooper Makes Me a Sandwich [VIDEO]

Say this about audacious Rogue 24 chef R.J. Cooper: the man can be a gracious host. I mean, you ask the James Beard Award-winning, liquid nitrogen-wielding cook to kindly cut it out with the foams, gels and other things that sound like hair products and instead "just make me a sandwich." And, sure enough, the […]

Lactose Intolerant

The SUV glides to a halt in front of the buttery white brick Capitol Hill row house. Liz Reitzig gets out and quickly makes her way across the street. There’s a lone woman in front of the two-story structure, arms crossed over her chest. Reitzig talks to her for a moment, then walks through a […]

You Always Knew Butter Was Bad for You

Michael Jackson Not Iowan Enough For Butter Sculpture

The Iowa State Fair's plan to memorialize Michael Jackson in butter has turned sour.  A majority of folks in the Hawkeye State just don't think MJ has the credentials to merit such a creamy honor, even though the Jackson 5 once played the state fair in 1971. So reported the New York Times over the […]

Iowa State Fair Plans to Build a Statue of Michael Jackson Out of Butter

The best line from this WHO-TV item: "Jackson will sit alongside the iconic butter cow in the Agriculture Building in a 40-degree cooler."