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Scene 1 from the Eatonville Chef Contest: Fried Chicken

Note: Busboys & Poets owner Andy Shallal is taking an Iron Chef approach to hiring the chef for his forthcoming Eatonville, a Southern-oriented restaurant that pays homage to Zora Neale Hurston. This is the first in a series of blog posts chronicling the competition. This series will not announce the winner; it will be revealed […]

Andy Shallal Takes a Reality Show Approach to Hiring Eatonville Chef

Andy Shallal, the man behind the concept-bending Busboys & Poets chain, loves food shows. It's no surprise, then, that Shallal has taken a reality-show approach to hiring a chef for his forthcoming Eatonville, a southern-food restaurant located across V Street from the original Busboys & Poets location. The owner's requiring his top candidates to compete […]

B&P Employee Quits to Join the Circus During Inaugural Weekend

How busy was it at Busboys & Poets on 14th Street NW during inaugural weekend? Well, according to owner Andy Shallal, it was so busy that three employees quit, including a manager. "They just cracked and left...I had one employee just say, ‘I can't do this'" and walk out, says Shallal during a phone conversation […]

Busboys and Poets: Gentrifier Magnet?

UrbanTurf has an interesting, if puffy, piece on its site today about Busboys and Poets' magnetic attraction for condo shoppers in the District and Shirlington. Developers apparently love the lefty enclaves for their ability to draw potential tenants to pricey condos. Writers UrbanTurf: [Busboys owner Andy Shallal] noticed early on that condo sales at CityVista […]