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Balducci’s Apparently Specializes in Barfalo Mozz

So I took the pukey-tasting burrata back to Balducci’s yesterday morning and talked to a nice woman at the customer service counter. When I showed her the date on the label, she frowned and pointed out that there was another label on the tub, one stamped by Balducci’s itself. It said 2/6/2010. She went back and […]

Balducci’s: Burrata! Burrata! Get Your Two-Week Old Burrata Here!

Granted leave from the hubby’s ongoing chili investigations for the evening, I stopped by Balducci’s on Old Georgetown Road to snag (I hoped) a spinach empanada off the hot bar before returning home. Passing by the cheese zone, I glanced over and saw... Burrata! Burrata! Not that yellowy stuff that tries to impersonate burrata, either, […]

This Week’s Greatest Hits on the Young & Hungry Blog

Most folks saw the Beer Summit as a chance to talk race relations in America. The readers of Y&H saw it as a chance to bash the participants for their lousy taste in brew. Orr Shtuhl's post on the suds summit was the runaway hit of the week, but his follow-up on Obama's disastrous taste in light quaffs […]

Follow That Cheese: Whole Foods Burrata Not Made in House After All

Remember last week when my bud Lou spotted this house-made burrata at Whole Foods, which sent me into a tizzy wondering if it could possibly compare to the real sack of creamy Italian goodness? And remember when the dude at the Whole Foods in Tenleytown said that the label was a mistake and that the […]

This Week’s Greatest Hits on the Young & Hungry Blog

The question of the week — Have we stopped caring about the Obamas' restaurant visits? — has apparently been answered. That would be a big  "no." A Y&H item on that question was the most-read blog post this week, barely topping another item about Frank Morales' surprising departure from Rustico. Without further ado... Have We  […]

Whole Foods Burrata: As Good As the Real Thing?

Earlier today, my bud Lou sent me this crappy picture, which sent me on a mission to figure out if Whole Foods' burrata could possibly compare to the trendy little sack of creamy goodness coming out of Italy. I should say right from the start that I went about my task without the benefit of, […]