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‘Today Show’ Cries Foul Over Sexy Fast-Food Ads

Y&H thinks the cholesterol poses a bigger, long-term risk to kiddos than the sexy SpongeBob parody.

The Burger King Commercial That Has Pissed Off Mexico

The country's main objection to BK's Texican Whopper commercial apparently has to do with desecrating the Mexican flag in the form a height-challenged, brightly colored luchador. Frankly, I'm surprised the tagline hasn't received more hate: "The taste of Texas with a little spicy Mexican."

Burger King’s New Body Spray: Boy Meets Grill

Few things seduce me faster than the smell of smoky, grilled meats. I have been known to stop dead in my tracks at the mere whiff of barbecued beef. Burger King appears to be banking on the idea that women find seared cow flesh a turn-on, too. The fast-food joint, in what clearly is a […]