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Taste Test: National Restaurant Chains Discover D.C. is a Pretty Good Guinea Pig

ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen tried to sneak quietly into D.C. When it opened in Dupont Circle in September 2011, there were no press releases or grand opening parties. The top priority for the Chipotle spin-off was to have a place to learn and experiment, not necessarily to make a big splash. And Washington’s demographics made […]

Burger King’s Bacon Sundae is OK—Without the Bacon

Just when you think the bacon craze is losing steam, Burger King puts it in its ice cream sundae—and the media goes wild. The new menu item debuted today with so much buzz (seriously, Esquire reviewed it) that Y&H feels obligated to increase our risk of diabetes so you don't have to. "Has it been […]

Last Night’s Leftovers: Really Funky Spot Edition

What does D.C.'s food truck saga say about the state of business in America? [Forbes] New food truck regulations will be published in the D.C. Register on Jan. 20. [HuffPo via WaPo] Chipotle boss Steve Ells has "a really funky spot" in mind for D.C.'s second ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen. [The Daily Meal] Georgetown Candy […]

Consumer Reports: Five Guys Fries Second Only To Wendy’s

WTOP highlights a new Consumer Reports, um, report rating the country's various fast-food french fries. D.C.-area-based chain Five Guys ranked No. 2, behind only Wendy's and ahead of McDonald's. Here's what the mag had to say about Five Guys' fries: "Big baked-potato flavor complemented by oil and salt. Crispness and doneness were variable."  KFC came […]

Quick Feeding: Five Guys Grows Like a Tree in Brooklyn

In the Baguette:  Paul, the Parisian bakery, cuts the ribbon on its first U.S. location flagship (pictured) right here in D.C. So what if it's a chain? [Greater Greater Washington] Presidential Pickle: Which fancy burger would Obama like best? [Eater DC] The Burger Bridge: Brooklyn is beginning to look a lot like Arlington, with D.C.-area […]

Michelle Obama’s Secret Weapon in the War on Food: Bananas

The fine folks from that Taiwanese animation firm have dropped another amusing video. This time, watch first lady Michelle Obama battle Ronald McDonald of McDonald's, Burger King's The King, and Col. Sanders from KFC with fruits and vegetables. Young & Hungry never knew bananas could be used like ninja throwing stars. [via Eater Nat'l]

Chick-fil-A’s Spicy Chicken Biscuit Surprisingly Similar to Its Spicy Sandwich

The Ballston Common Mall's basement-level food court isn't the best place to get excited about something new and spicy, especially when that something is the same spicy chicken, only served at 9 a.m. Young & Hungry, with a freshly printed preview reservation for Chick-fil-A's yet-to-officially debut spicy chicken biscuit in hand, walked up to the […]

Ooh, That Smell? Restaurant Odors That Tend to Linger

One recent morning before heading out the door, I grabbed my coat and… whoa—was that DC-3 I smelled? Although the lingering aroma of hot grease was very subtle, it brought on a flashback from my youth. During my senior year at an Eastern Shore high school, I needed work badly. At the same time, a […]

Burger King To Start Selling Beer

What's missing from this picture? Beer, of course. According to a report in the New York Daily News, Burger King plans to open "Whopper Bars" in several cities, thereby allowing customers to get some suds with their burgers and fries. The first one will be in Miami Beach, with others to follow in New York, Los Angeles, […]

Fast Food: Haste Makes Waste

Chain burger joints in dense Adams Morgan are hopping all day long, and often well into the night. So what happens to all those burgers and fries and crispy apple pies after the doors close? "We just waste it," says Troy Bright, the manager of the McDonald's at Columbia Road and 18th Street NW. Well, […]