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Beer Pressure: What Bartenders Say to Push Craft Beer

I encountered a few interesting sales pitches involving craft beer over the last week that have made me curious. On Sunday, Bruce and I went out for our usual brunch run in Adams Morgan and landed at the bar at Asylum. A bloody mary and two mimosas in, we asked to see a beer menu. Based […]

Wings, Cheddar, Bacon, and Beef: An Unhealthy Photographic Tour

When I started as Washington City Paper's bar food blogger back in August, I knew this gig would involve a lot of eating. But I couldn't say for sure exactly what I would be eating. Right off the bat, Sigmagrrl commented on that post in an attempt to corner me: Good first blog topic: definition […]

Late Night Eats at a Sudanese err…Pizza Trattoria?

The Spot: El Khartoum (aka Pizzeria Trattoria) 1782 Florida Ave. NW, (202) 986-1900 The Cuisine: Sudanese, Middle-Eastern, Pizza The Go-To Dish: Beef or chicken shawarma...after dark The Scoop: As the clock slowly ticked on toward midnight on a recent cold weekday evening in Adams Morgan, my stomach began to alert me that it was time […]

The Fall of the King of Beers and First Encounters With Booze

Stetsons isn't the only bar that that has discontinued Budweiser beer. One of my favorite Mexican joints, Los Tios in Del Ray, has removed the ubiquitous lager from its menu recently as well. In fact many bars I've frequented don't carry Bud.  Kev29 who commented on my recent post thinks that DC just isn't a Bud […]

Free Beer! No, Really: Budweiser Fights Sales Slump With Give-Away Happy Hours

Budweiser's brand is losing ground, so the suits in St. Louis have decided on a sure-fire marketing approach: free beer. What better way to get people to drink Bud, right? But the question remains: is free cheap enough? Pundits on CNBC's Power Lunch discuss whether or not the strategy will work but don't get out […]

The Vienna Inn: Defining the Bar Food Genre

When my participation was first announced at the Young and Hungry Blog one commenter requested clarification saying… Good first blog topic: definition of “bar food”…. :-/ I’m a few weeks into my effort and still not sure I could offer a definition to  satisfy the folks at Merriam-Webster.  For now I suppose I’ll just have […]

Burger King To Start Selling Beer

What's missing from this picture? Beer, of course. According to a report in the New York Daily News, Burger King plans to open "Whopper Bars" in several cities, thereby allowing customers to get some suds with their burgers and fries. The first one will be in Miami Beach, with others to follow in New York, Los Angeles, […]

This Week’s Greatest Hits on Young & Hungry

It's Wegmans' world. We just live in it. Judging by the number of clicks and Twitter comments we received this week (sample: "I love Wegmans!"), Wegmans rules not just this week on the Y&H blog but also in the hearts and minds of Y&H readers. Check it out: The Restaurants Coming Soon to a Neighborhood […]

In China, Don’t Judge a Beer By Its Bottle

According to US government estimates, global corporations lose something in excess of $60 billion annually to Chinese counterfeiters. DVDS, books, handbags, jewelry, shoes, . . . Name your material desire, and some firm in China will likely be standing by to supply a fake rip-off of it. Beer is no exception. China Daily reports that police recently arrested […]

East German Brewery Named Official Sponsor of Germany’s World Cup Team

It may not be the big deal here that it is in the rest of the world (though you'd never know it from our strangely unrepresentative sample of soccer-crazed friends), but come June the World Cup promises to be one of the most significant shared global events of the year, dominating news cycles around the […]