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The Fall of the King of Beers and First Encounters With Booze

Stetsons isn't the only bar that that has discontinued Budweiser beer. One of my favorite Mexican joints, Los Tios in Del Ray, has removed the ubiquitous lager from its menu recently as well. In fact many bars I've frequented don't carry Bud.  Kev29 who commented on my recent post thinks that DC just isn't a Bud […]

2009: The Year in Beer News #1

And now, a year-in-review look at beer happenings beyond DC. Today we bring you the first of two collections of snapshots of last year's national (and international) beer news stories. You'll laugh, you'll cry, so grab some tissues because Y&H is about to get all "graduation slide show." Beer Wars: Brewed in America – The […]