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Carole Greenwood Pops Up: The Nomadic Dinner-Party Pioneer Is Itching to Get Back in a Real Kitchen

Ever since quitting Buck’s Fishing & Camping and Comet Ping Pong more than two years ago, citing “urgent family matters,” James Beard Award-nominated chef Carole Greenwood has taken some unusual turns in her culinary career. Last year, for a brief time—very brief—Greenwood was working in the kitchen of Bethesda’s Food Wine & Co. That much […]

Craft Work: H Street NE’s Original Culinary Gentrifier Reinvents Itself

All sorts of foods go well with beer, and all sorts of brews pair well with food. Spicy hot wings and lukewarm lager? A classic combo. But, chocolate stout-flavored chicken wings? The District’s craft beer craze has officially hopped the suds shark. The dark chocolaty poultry stands out like a greasy black thumb from even […]

Young & Hungry Dining Guide by the Day: Buck’s Fishing & Camping

Love her or hate her, Carole Greenwood is a kitchen talent as inseparable from the Buck’s Fishing & Camping brand as Michael Landrum is to the Ray’s empire. Or so I thought. It turns out that Buck’s is a concept flexible enough to accommodate multiple visions of it. Vickie Reh, a former sous-chef at Food […]

Chefs and the Mothers Who Influenced Them

Mexican chef Patricia Jinich influences the next generation, her son Julian As noted earlier today — and sorry to keep rubbing this in, if you haven't made those brunch reservations yet — Mother's Day is this weekend. I thought I'd take the opportunity to ask some chefs and cooks what kind of influence their mothers […]

An Unlikely Source for Good Croissants: Modern Times Coffeehouse

Last week when I spoke with James Alefantis, owner of Buck's Fishing and Camping and Comet Ping Pong, he mentioned that his newly hired baker would not only work for his two restaurants but also for Modern Times Coffeehouse, the subterranean cafe at Politics and Prose, which he co-owns. Oh, and by the way, Alefantis […]

Vickie Reh Is the New Chef at Buck’s Fishing and Camping

Buck's fresh apricot summer punch Buck's Fishing and Camping owner James Alefantis first met chef Vickie Reh not at Food Matters in Alexandria, where she was once sous chef, but through a wine importer. Alefantis, in fact, never ate Reh's food at her previous gig. So how exactly did Reh end up as head chef […]

Dining Guide Rejects: Corduroy, Comet, Urban, Tallula

Urban Bar-B-Que: Still not a consistent winner. There must have been a hundred different reasons why I decided to include or pass over a restaurant for this year's Dining Guide. I thought I'd give you a glimpse into a few of the restaurants that didn't make the cut and why: Comet Ping-Pong and Buck's Fishing and Camping: Carole Greenwood's […]