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This Week: Mikkeller at ChurchKey, Stoudts at Birreria, Oliver at Commonwealth, Heavy Seas at Elephant & Castle and Chris O’Brien at the Chophouse

This week is a busy one when it comes to beer. Tonight ChurchKey will have all 10 Mikkeller Single Hop IPAs on draft. If you are interested in learning more about what different types of hops smell and taste like, this is a good opportunity to get geeky. Also tonight is Birreria Paradiso's monthly beer dinner, […]

Beer Trip Envy: Stone’s Visit to Nøgne Ø and BrewDog

Pt1: Stone Skips Across the Pond from stonebrew on Vimeo. It's no secret that we love to go on beer-themed vacations and tend to work at least a little beer fun into most of our regular travel plans. Thanks to a recent post on Beer in Baltimore, we are experiencing some serious beercation envy and […]

%ABV Smackdown: Scotland vs. Germany

Sink the Bismarck! from BrewDog on Vimeo. Now this is getting silly. Quick on the heels of an announcement by German brewery Schorschbräu that its new Schorschbock 40%, a ridiculously strong Eisbock, had displaced BrewDog's Tactical Nuclear Penguin as the world's strongest beer, an angry BrewDog has launched the next salvo in the escalating beer […]

Taste Test: Thomas Pynchon Beers

When we describe how beer tastes, there's a propensity to follow the tasting note vocabulary that has become popularly accepted and propagated by lazy food writers (myself included). This small glossary of descriptors — floral, citrusy, cocoa, grassy, et al. — is functional and on occasion precise. But at a certain point, you get sick […]

A New, New “World’s Strongest Beer”

Unless you have been traveling, you probably haven't yet had the chance to sip on BrewDog's Tactical Nuclear Penguin, which for a few proud months claimed the mantle of being the world's strongest beer. (See our November post inaugurating its brief reign here, as well this addendum by the Beerspotter). At 32% ABV, Tactical Nuclear […]

2009: The Year in Beer News #2

Today we bring you part two of our look at the biggest beer stories of 2009. Reviewing all of this news makes us look forward to the year ahead, so after four | nostalgic | blog | posts | we are saying enough. The Lagerheads are done looking back at 2009 and are ready to forge ahead with […]

The World’s Strongest Beer — and Why It’s Like Bud Ice

I'd like to offer one addendum to the Lagerheads' post on BrewDog Tactical Nuclear Penguin, the new strongest beer in the world. How do they get so much booze into this imperial stout, which weighs in at 32% abv? The same technique used by, um, some less savory beer products — e.g. Bud Ice. As […]

Beer Goes Nuclear

There is an arms race underway in the beer world, and a Scottish brewery has upped the ante. BrewDog, one of the newer and badder kids on the block, has gained a reputation for shocking beer drinkers with its strange concoctions. You may remember our post on Storm, the Scottish brewery's 8%-ABV Imperial IPA aged in […]

Bitter? BrewDog’s Nanny State Beer Sounds Like Hoppy Revenge

Scottish brewery BrewDog is known for their brash attitude/marketing as well as their delicious beer, sort of the Stone Brewing of the UK. But crafting a beer out of spite? That's new ground, even for them.