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Why Did ‘Top Chef’ Feel Like a Movie Script Featuring the Voltaggio Brothers?

God knows I respect the Voltaggio brothers' talent, not to mention the willingness of at least one of the siblings to extract himself from a safe, high-profile kitchen position to try something riskier,  like opening his own restaurant. Which is part of the reason why I could never figure out why Bryan and Michael Voltaggio […]

The New Spin for Next Season’s ‘Top Chef': Sibling Rivalry!

Bryan Voltaggio is so gonna bury bro Michael The first thing I wanted to know from Bryan Voltaggio is why. Why did the former executive chef at Charlie Palmer Steak and the current chef/owner of his own restaurant, VOLT, in Frederick feel the need to appear on Season 6 of Top Chef? He, of all […]

Jose Andres Thinks His Zaytinya Chef Will Stick Around After ‘Top Chef’ Appearance

Mike Isabella from Zaytinya: Top Chef material When Mike Isabella got the call to appear on Season 6 of Top Chef, the Zaytinya chef apparently didn't want to do it. It took a little urging from THINKfoodGROUP's big daddy, José Andrés, before the chef decided to pack his knives and go onto the show. So […]

There Is Life After ‘Top Chef’ for The Cougar

At Sunday night's RAMMY awards, I had the pleasure of sitting at the same table as Carla Hall, who may be the nicest person on earth, and Ariane Duarte, who was introduced to me as yet another former Top Chef contestant making the rounds. That's when my embarrassment meter went into the red zone. I […]

If Carla Hall Becomes the Next ‘Top Chef,’ She Doesn’t Want Her Own Restaurant

Heading into tomorrow night's Top Chef finale, D.C.-based caterer Carla Hall tells ZagatBuzz that she has no interest in opening her own restaurant. That would put her in the minority of Top Chef finalists, winners or not. Ilan Hall, Sam Talbot, Harold Dieterle, Hung Huynh, and Stephanie Izard, among others, have all either opened or […]