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DC Brau and Oskar Blues Release IPA With “Aromas of Cannabis”

Try the ode to Initiative 71 for the first time at Meridian Pint tonight.

What Matters More: The Quest for New Beer, or the Beer?

Sure, you love beer. When you head to the bar for happy hour with friends, you carefully consider the draft, can, and bottle lists. You often order something you’ve never tasted, just to see what it’s like. You might have gotten into the habit of filling a growler at a brewery every weekend, or stopping […]

Mouth Off: One Foodie Question, Five Foodie Answers

If Santa stopped to eat and drink in D.C., where would he go? Brandon Skall Co-founder, DC Brau “I think he would stop at Boundary Stone Public House. Not only do they serve some great beer, but the boys who run the place are quite full of holiday cheer. There is a special holiday eggnog […]

One Brewer’s Spent Grain is Another’s Pizza Dough

Beer and pizza are made for each other, but now, it's not just for the reason you'd think. DC Brau and Pizzeria Paradiso are teaming up to create a pizza dough made with spent grain, a byproduct of the brewing process that normally goes to waste or is sold for livestock feed. Beginning the day […]

DC Brau Really Wants to Brew the White House Honey Ale

The White House finally released recipes for its honey ale and honey porter over the weekend. Now the big question is: Who will reproduce it for the masses? DC Brau co-founder Brandon Skall says he would love to brew the beer, but he wants to get the official nod of approval from the White House […]

Young & Hungry’s Guide to D.C. Beer Week

Stock up on water and aspirin! Now in its fourth year, D.C. Beer Week kicks off this Sunday with more than 100 events throughout the District and northern Virginia. The highlights below, by type of event, are my suggestions for the best ways to wreck your liver next week. A complete daily list of beer dinners, small dish pairings, […]

Thirsty? Take Your Pick of Tonight’s Many Beer Bashes

You'd think for as long as I've kept my public beer calendar, local bars would try to coordinate a little better by now. But a night like tonight, with a uniquely high number of beer events, is only a problem for people like me—those so bonkers for beer that they seriously consider bellying up to […]

There’s A Tear In My Beer: No More Growlers at D’Vines and De Vinos

Beer and wine emporiums D'Vines in Columbia Heights and De Vinos in Adams Morgan are no longer filling and selling growlers of beer to go. On Saturday, an official from the D.C. Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration (ABRA) told manager George Aguilar that the filling of sealed containers was permitted only for businesses with a manufacturer’s Class […]

D.C. Beer Week, Day By Day: Lagerheads’ Picks for Wednesday

Start pumping the pain killers and throw back some water because D.C. Beer Week madness continues today with more than 20 events across the city. Once again, The Lagerheads, or at least this half of 'em, are here to help steer you in the right direction. Below are my picks for the evening, but if you […]

DC Brau Growlers Are Here, Just In Time for July 4th

Each year, when Independence Day rolls around, Y&H gives a friendly reminder to celebrate the holiday with American beer. This time, you can do even better. On Saturday, DC Brau Brewing Company, the first production brewery to operate in the District in decades, will be selling growlers at its tasting room. "We couldn't stand the thought […]