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Quick Feeding: Parking Lot Barbecue Meets Hank Dietle’s Tavern

Rockville Pike Roadhouse Roadtrip: While the area's robust food truck scene "has been slow to hit Montgomery County," there are three new options and "more on the way." The most exciting may be Branded '72's outpost in "the parking lot of the ancient Hank Dietle’s Tavern; I ate on the porch with a sleeping old […]

Smoking Out the Area’s Best Barbecue for Summer

If your Independence Day weekend was anything like mine, you ate a lot of smoke: smoked brisket, smoked ribs, smoked sausages, smoked corn. By the time our Fourth of July feast was ready on Sunday afternoon, I smelled like a crank shaft in an overheated Ford on a lonely stretch of Interstate 15 between Los […]

The $2.50 ‘Chris Rock’ Rib at Branded ’72

This weekend, I stopped by Branded '72 at the urging of co-owner Mark Johnson, the son-in-law of  founder, Ken O'Brien Sr., whose Rockville smokehouse bore his name for decades until the newcomers rebranded it last year. More on my meal in just a second. But before I ordered a thing at Branded '72, I noticed […]

Meat Week Organizer Cancels Tomorrow’s Trip to Mr. P’s Ribs

You probably figured this one out already. Local Meat Week organizer Mike Bober has decided to call off tomorrow's final gathering at Mr. P's Ribs & Fish in the Safeway parking lot at 514 Rhode Island Ave. NE. "We can either revisit later in the month or — maybe easier — plan to finish on the […]