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Bon Appetit Names Rose’s Luxury America’s Best New Restaurant

In case Rose's Luxury didn't have enough accolades and glowing reviews, here's another pretty big one: Bon Appetit has named it the best new restaurant in America. The magazine selected chef Aaron Silverman's Barracks Row restaurant from a list of 50 nominees, which also included Eat the Rich, Southern Efficiency, and Mockingbird Hill. (For some odd […]

Snubbed! D.C. Gets No Love From Bon Appetit‘s ‘Best New Restaurants’ List

The District's "culinary stature" may be on the rise, as the Washington Times gushes in a breezy overview of the city's new gustatory zeitgeist. But its newest beacons still beam a bit less brightly, it seems, compared to places in more established foodie capitals. The September issue of Bon Appetit offers up its list of […]

America’s Toughest Reservations: D.C.’s Minibar Ranks No. 5

Bon Appetit has published its list of the "11 toughest restaurant reservations in the U.S.A." Landing in the fifth spot: José Andrés' tiny avant-garde tasting-menu restaurant Minibar. No surprise there. We ranked the place No. 1 on our list of D.C.'s 44 Most Powerful Restaurants in part because "booking a reservation is harder than rescheduling […]

Bon Appétit: The Passenger One of the Best New Cocktail Bars in America

Bon Appétit's August issue includes a breakdown of the "Top 10 Best New Cocktail Bars" in America, and right there at the bottom of the page is the Brown brothers' punk-like exercise in personalized drinking, The Passenger, as well as its nerdy, science-obsessed sibling, the Columbia Room. Author Andrew Knowlton wrote this about Tom and […]

Bon Appétit Names Peregrine Espresso One of the 10 Best Boutique Coffee Shops

In its January issue, Bon Appétit lists the 10 best boutique coffee shops in America, and sneaking in right at the bottom is D.C.'s Peregrine Espresso, which also took home top honors in our most recent Best of D.C. issue. Writes BA on Peregrine: You've heard of microbrewed beer, but what about coffee? On Capitol Hill, […]