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If You Ask, a Franchise May Come

Young & Hungry colleague Lydia DePillis, in this week's Housing Complex column, examines the world of franchise flirtations. As was noted earlier this week, there was a big franchising expo at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center last weekend, which if you were there, gave a taste of what's coming to D.C.—or, at least, what […]

Prediction: Future Amtrak Trips to Smell Like Bojangles

The last time I was at a Bojangles was in February in the exurbs of Raleigh, N.C., on a Sunday. Since Chick-fil-A is closed on Sundays, Bojangles' drive-through queue was long, packed with biscuit-seeking after-churchgoers. In the Carolinas, in the heart of Bojangles country, this is not an uncommon occurrence. On Thursday, Bojangles opened in […]

Quick Feeding: Bojangles’s Union Station Debut; Progress in Cleveland Park

Put Some South in Your Mouth: If you know anyone from the Carolinas, see their reaction when you tell them that Bojangles is opening at Union Station today at 2 p.m. [WBJ] A Nice Idea: Now that the weather is warming up (allegedly), it's time to think about enjoying a meal outside. How about at […]