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Southern Restaurant, Due South, Coming to Navy Yard

It comes from the owner of Jetties, Surfside, and Bayou.

Truckeroo Snafu: How That ‘Suggested Donation’ Became Mandatory

"We were hoping people would be generous enough to say 'I'll give five dollars!' I'll give ten!' Not only was that not the case, so many people were such assholes that they didn't give anything....Bottom line is, if someone doesn't want to give a dollar for charity, we'd rather they not come."—Bo Blair of Georgetown […]

Restaurateur Bo Blair On The Regulatory ‘Grease Trap’ That Is Montgomery County

“They tell us to get this grease trap that, seriously, it’s like something that would be in FedEx stadium...They said they won’t even answer any questions until we install the grease trap. We get the grease trap, we install it, the [Washington Suburban Sanitation Commission] guy comes out and he looks at it and says, […]

Something Sweet Is Making Whoopie (Pies) on Macomb

If you believe the New York Times, the latest treat to try to supplant the cupcake in our hearts and mouths is not the crepe but the whoopie pie. That's right, the whoopie pie, that hamburger-shaped cake split in half and traditionally filled with a sweetened hydrogenated spread of Crisco and  Marshmallow Fluff. Maybe that […]