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Blue Ridge Owners: Poor Economy Has Helped to Expand the Beer-Focused Restaurant Market

Over the course of my long interview with Eli Hengst and Jared Rager in Blue Ridge's beer garden, we covered a lot of topics related to the owners' new approach to their Glover Park restaurant. One of them was the reason why Washingtonians are ditching wine for beer. "Part of it is a function of […]

Do Blue Ridge’s Owners Feel Disappointed That Their Original Concept Didn’t Work?

This week's Young & Hungry column reports on the major changes already taking place at Blue Ridge in Glover Park — and those yet to come. When I sat down with owners Eli Hengst and Jared Rager, the guys behind the wine-centric Sonoma on Capitol Hill and Mendocino in Georgetown,  I asked them if they […]

WaPo’s Dave McIntyre Talks Local Wine with Y&H

In advance of this weekend's conference, the Washington Post''s terrific wine writer, Dave McIntyre, took a few minutes to field questions about the state of local wine. Young &Hungry: The second conference takes place this Sunday at Lansdowne Resort in Loudoun County. Though open to the public, this event is not one of […]

One Solution to Invasive Species? Eat ‘Em.

Mr. Sustainable Seafood — you know, Barton Seaver, chef at Blue Ridge and your favorite punching bag — is serving up a multi-course dinner on Friday to accompany a screening of Rupert Murray’s documentary, The End of the Line .  Seaver's main course? A preparation of red lionfish. Never heard of red lionfish? It's not […]

Save the Salmon By Eating the Salmon

It sounds like a culinary twist on the famous Vietnam-era statement — "It became necessary to destroy the village in order to save it." — but there's some logic behind Trout Unlimited's campaign this week to save Bristol Bay's wild salmon. Trout Unlimited is, according to this story in the Anchorage Press, a national non-profit of […]

This Week’s Greatest Hits on Young & Hungry

Hey, look, a celebrity chef! We're all slaves to celebrity — or at least celebrity chefs. This week's top item is devoted to a freakish coincidence: I happened to be at G Street Food right when Rick Bayless popped in for a sandwich to go, to take with him for his flight out of town. […]

Barton Seaver to Be Named Esquire’s Chef of the Year, Controversy Ensues

Jane Black over at WaPo posted a dandy item today about Esquire critic John Mariani naming Barton Seaver "chef of the year" in the upcoming November issue. As Black chronicles, the New York magazine's decision flies in the face of local D.C. opinion on Seaver's latest venture, Blue Ridge, in Glover Park. Whether a good […]