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Oceana Study Uncovers Massive Crab Cake Fraud in D.C. Area

The ocean conservation and advocacy organization found that 38 percent of the 90 crab cakes it tested in D.C. and Maryland were mislabeled.

Crab Season Peaking, Prices Soaring, Will Supplies Last?

Prices for blue crab from the Chesapeake Bay region are expected to hit $200 a bushel in anticipation of the holiday weekend. Don't worry, though, there isn't a shortage. Yet. Actually, there's more crab than usual. The Baltimore Sun reports that it's "the second highest count since the late 1990s." So, why the rising prices? […]

Sinatra Didn’t Dine Here

Boozy lunches and late-night binges, soaked up with Nat King Cole’s favorite burger, followed by the inevitable trips to Frank Sinatra’s favorite urinals—this is what dining at P.J. Clarke’s is supposed to be all about. The name alone should inspire a bleary-eyed hiccup or two. Fans of the AMC drama Mad Men will recognize the […]

Sudhir Seth and Monica Bhide Collaborate on Indian Crab Dinner

What started as a simple request on the board has blossomed into a full-fledged Indian crab dinner/book signing/general-foodie-wonkiness dinner at Spice Xing in Rockville on Sunday, July 12. Sudhir Seth, chef and owner of both Passage to India and Spice Xing, will team up with cookbook author Monica Bhide to offer a three-course dinner […]