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BLT Steak Introduces Ramp Cocktail

You know it's spring when ramps start showing up on every menu. And you know ramp mania has reached overdrive when the garlicky greens start making their way into cocktails. Beginning Thursday, BLT Steak will introduce the "Lady & the Ramp," a $14 cocktail with gin, dry vermouth, and maraschino and angostura bitters, garnished with […]

Light and Stormy: How to Make a Snow Cocktail

After several years of mild winters, Washingtonians ought to have greeted January’s smattering of snowfall with open arms and tongues sticking out toward the sky. But next time, they may want to break out the tumblers. While we can’t vouch for the sanitation of D.C. snow, we bet it works in a cocktail. We asked […]

Taco Bamba Pops Up at Black Jack

Back in May, Y&H brought you news that former BLT Steak chef Victor Albisu was opening his first solo venture, a taqueria called Taco Bamba in Falls Church. The restaurant isn't set to open until later this fall, but you'll have a chance to try Albisu's food even sooner during a pop-up at Black Jack […]

Sauce-O-Meter: How the Week’s Food Happenings Measure Up

Graphic by Brooke Hatfield

Victor Albisu, Creator of the $58 Burger, Is Out at BLT Steak

Chef Victor Albisu, the guy who pioneered the $58, gold-leaf-topped "1 %" burger, is done at BLT Steak. Post critic Tom Sietsema has the scoop via Twitter. "For me," says Albisu, "the next step is ownership." Photo courtesy of Metrocurean

Last Night’s Leftovers: World Fusion Edition

BLT Steak gets the Obama bump [ABC News] Our favorite sandwich maker, Rogue 24 chef R.J. Cooper, is being released from the hospital today. Speedy healing, chef! [WaPo] Here's a blast from the past: Bennigan's is staging a comeback in D.C. and elsewhere [Market Watch] The Source's Scott Drewno is cooking at Toki Underground for […]

Some Asshole Just Dropped $1,000 On A Sundae

If the potential sale of a $58 gold-flaked burger at BLT Steak wasn't nauseating enough amid the current dire economic climate, consider the news that Georgetown's new palace of prissiness, Serendipity 3, has managed to get some well-heeled fool to spend $1,000 on a sundae. Eater, via Prince of Petworth, relays the disturbing report from […]

How Much Would You Pay For A Gold Leaf-Topped Burger?

Washingtonian previously showcased chef Victor Albisu's various politically themed burgers at BLT Steak, notably including the hoity-toity "1%" variety, topped with foie gras, gold leaf and Grey Poupon. But Y&H hadn't noticed the startling price-tag of the thing until now. Metrocurean has a shot of the menu: $58! How much would you fork over for […]

Five Reasons Y&H Doesn’t Give a Damn About Pinkberry’s Arrival in D.C.

NBCWashington broke the news yesterday with prose that bordered on the orgasmic: Pinkberry is coming to D.C.! (I'm not sure how many exclamation points to include here, but the general tone of the item merits at least four, I think.) Now understand, the item names no location, not even a neighborhood. Just the promise of […]

And the Winner Is…GO Burger

The contest to which I refer (I realize many of you have no desire to follow the mind-numbing minutiae of the restaurant business) was necessitated when the two partners behind the BLT empire decided to part ways earlier this year. As part of the divorce, partner Jimmy Haber agreed not to use the BLT name […]