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Blogtoberfest: Drinking Girly-Man Beer in Prague

This week for Blogtoberfest, share your beer travel stories. Where have you tippled? What was it like? Blog it, tweet it, share it on Facebook. The Internet’s a wondrous place. Yesterday I wrote about the Czech Republic’s two kinds of beers: sweet dark lagers and light pilsners. But studying in Prague in college, I learned […]

Blogtoberfest Roundup: Week 1

One week into this thing called Blogtoberfest, and already we've seen some great beer stories from non-beer writers. Here's the quick and dirty, but follow all the action on the Blogtoberfest Facebook page. The Hill Is Home lists five can't-miss beer experiences on Capitol Hill and H Street NE. Capital Spice tastes 13 pumpkin beers. […]

How Did You Get Into Beer?

So, how did you get into beer? This month, bloggers of all stripes are sharing their beer stories for Blogtoberfest. Got a story? If you've got a blog, post it on the Facebook group page. If you're not blogging, share it in the comments and @beerspotter! I started caring about beer during senior year of […]

Two Events for D.C. Bloggers, With Beer!

Hey bloggeroos, don't forget that tomorrow is the Blogtoberfest happy hour (which admittedly sounds way more fun than "planning meeting"). Throughout the month of October we're getting local bloggers, foodie and non-, to share their beer stories on their own blogs. Cross-linking and conversation will ensue. Meet at 6:30 p.m. tomorrow at Axis Bar and […]

This Week’s Greatest Hits on the Young & Hungry Blog

Y&H will give you three guesses as to what the most-read post was this week. Two of them won't count. That's right, once again, a certain low-cal product from Bud leads the pack, for the umpteenth week in a row. This is the dark side of search-engine optimization. Budweiser Launches Select 55, Light Beer Arms […]

D.C. Bloggers: Help Make Next Month ‘Blogtoberfest’

Octoberfest is a wonderful idea for a holiday: celebrate beer, and do it for weeks at a time. But what is one to do during non-drinking hours, i.e. daytime? Throw another party, a Blogtoberfest. Throughout October, I invite D.C.'s bloggers — all of you, not just the foodie ones — to share your personal beer […]