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Jeff Black’s “Not About the Bloggers” Moment

Chef and restaurateur Jeff Black was the big winner at last night's RAMMY Awards with wins for restaurateur of the year, upscale casual restaurant (BlackSalt), and hottest bar scene (Black Jack). But that wasn't the only reason he was the talk of the night. Black caused a bit of a stir with a slight on food […]

Is Amateur Flash Photography Ruining Your Dining Experience?

Photo-phobic Rogue 24 chef R.J. Cooper is going to love this: Today's New York Times complaint box rails against all the amateur food photography taking place in restaurants these days. Michael Antonoff, identified as a creative content writer at Manhattan camera shop BH Photo, opines: Anyone who eats out is now a potential food critic […]

Rogue Photography: What’s Your Worst Picture of R.J. Cooper’s Cooking?

Chef R.J. Cooper is asking local food bloggers not to take snapshots of the food at his hugely hyped new eatery Rogue 24. His reason: "They don't take good pictures," the Rogue Toque tells WaPo's Tom Sietsema in the critic's "First Bite" column this week. He's right. Check out the atrocious BlackBerry photo (above) that […]

Alinea at Home: Sawing Pig’s Head Edition

If you haven't yet discovered the sweet-and-snarky style of Carol Blymire, check out this video in which she attempts to make a tête de porc, beginning  with a complete pig's head that she must saw in half.  Watch this and you'll understand why the Beard Foundation came calling.

Are You All Quick-Fired-Up About Top Chef in D.C.?

Last week, reader and blogger Jenna challenged me over my lack of enthusiasm about Top Chef filming its next season in D.C.  It was a gentle gibe, and she immediately followed with another, gentler question to prove it: She wanted to know what local spots I'd like to see featured on Bravo's reality show. Here was my […]

This Week’s Greatest Hits on the Young & Hungry Blog

Y&H will give you three guesses as to what the most-read post was this week. Two of them won't count. That's right, once again, a certain low-cal product from Bud leads the pack, for the umpteenth week in a row. This is the dark side of search-engine optimization. Budweiser Launches Select 55, Light Beer Arms […]